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The New Giantbomb Quest System


 Not a good quest
 Not a good quest
There's a reason that Giantbomb is one of the best video game websites on the Internet and that reason is that they actually understand what gamers like.  We enjoy interacting with everything we come in contact with and for the first time in a long time I actually feel like I'm interacting with a website.  It's not just about creating blogs or adding friends or making lists, it's about turning a website that could have been like every other website out there into something that's actually fun to visit.  
I'm not sure how the actual quest system will work in the long run but I'd love to see it expand and incorporate many more things.  Add badges for users that cross a certain threshold.  Maybe give the user titles that they can use every time they get a new level.  Just thinking of all the places that Whiskey Media could take this makes me really excited and I think with this newest update they've guaranteed themselves many more repeat visitors and a ton of pageviews.  Good on you guys.