Gaming Bucket List

This a list of games I never played and want to before I eventually shuffle off this mortal coil. FYI - I'm not dying in the immediate since but I guess technically we are all dying.

List items

  • Never had an SNES growing up and I really want to see what all the fuss is about.

  • I've played most of the Blood Omen games except this one. I hear it is quite fun and plays like a dark top down Zelda game.

  • Another case of not having an SNES as a kid.

  • I've only played the later X games and they range from mediocre to complete shit but I hear the only classics are 1 and 2.

  • I love survival horror games but this series flew under my radar.

  • I've only played Final Doom for the PS1 and never played the originals.

  • Not counting the awful translation I hear great things about the series.

  • The only Final Fantasy I never played. I hear it does some neat stuff with the Job Sytem and introduced the Active Battle System to the series.

  • Probably the rarest game on my list. I loved the first Tomba! but unfortunately the sequel came and went without me realizing it existed.

  • Dismissed the game as looking too kiddy at the time.

  • I love the art style but this game came out well after I had switched over to the Genesis.

  • I did finally manage to play Ducktales 2 but not the sequel to my second favorite Capcom Disney game.

  • I hear this is the last good Capcom Disney game.

  • I loved the Genesis Aladdin but never played the SNES one. Maybe than I can finally know for sure which is the better Aladdin.

  • I never played any of the Columns series despite having a Genesis.

  • I didn't get into JRPGs until around the time the fourth game came out and there was no way my mom was going to get me a game that ranged from $70-$80.