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Concepts That Can Possibly Go Awry

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  • Voice acting is all good and dandy, put place that significant role in the hands of someone not able to meet anyone's standards of "good" is not cool. Either get good voice actors, or have text.

  • There was a time in the world when zombie games were fun, entertaining, filled to the brim with action and fear-inducing excitement... those days are dead. All that's left of the concept of zombies is a sad husk of cliche.

  • Same as above.

  • Generally, it can be an entertaining and even humorous moment, but occasionally it goes to far and down-right kills the mood of the game.

  • Sure, peripherals like guitars and other instruments can be great, but things like the Circle Pad Pro I can't really put my finger on.

  • I know this sounds slightly silly, but I'm not always one for never ending games. I don't usually get the sense of completion I might get from any other type of game.

  • This often leads to predictability and makes for much easier boss than expected/wanted.

  • Okay, it was cool for the first century after it was invented, but it slowly lost it's touch. Not to say it's not awesome, but sometimes you need to take a break from the usual.

  • I remember the days when I thought games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill were masterpieces, but now it's just a sadly overused cliche. A great example of how far down the pooper survival horror has gone is Resident Evil Revelations. Sure, the visuals were nice, but where's the horror?

  • Nothing intelligent to really say here except: The Sims

  • ...Kirby...

  • Whoever thought of this heinous idea should be shot and killed by his own men.

  • I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam I hate spam

  • This picture of Ryan says it all, really. Despite the good intentions of the movie industry, they have let us down with their blatant disregard for any type of good video game-movie adaptation.

  • As if they couldn't get it across enough already, the wonderfully genius creators of Nintendo decided add the number 64 to the end of each game just to make sure that you KNEW that you were SURE you were playing THE Nintendo 64.

  • Yeah, there's always the choice to violently shove your foot through an unsuspecting door, but, come on, it gets quite old pretty fast.