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Time Has Had No Negative Effect On This Side Scroller. 2

To this day, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master is still one of the best side scroller's for the Sega Genesis, at least in my heart. From the astounding colourful 2D graphics, to the sublimely themed music, it's hard to fault Shinobi III for anything other than the "old school" difficulty trappings, which for some, may be one of the worst things to experience. Yes, this is as awesome as it looks. Right from the start, it's clear: this game is going to do some awesome things in the course of...

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A Prime Example Of A One Year Development Cycle 0

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 is the 9th game in the long running smackdown series, and recently the series has seen far better times, and so has the WWE its self, thankfully though THQ and Yukes have managed to bring the series back up to a respectable level. However, that doesn't mean to say that Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 is a complete overhaul from SvR 07, the game does have a handful of new features, but still, the game does has an incredible amount of bugs and visual glitches, such as clipping, p...

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A Delightful Collection Of Mini Games, But With Lack Of Purpose 0

The quirky Japanese cooking game that is Cooking Mama is a intriguing case, for one things its colourful and delightfully Japanese, however, its far too easy and lacks any real incentive to play, though that will never stop you from having fun for as long as it lasts you. There are 3 main modes in Cooking Mama; “lets cook” which lets you (as the titles suggests) cook one of the 76 recipes, “lets combine” lets you combine two recipes together to string two sets of mini games and “use skill” prov...

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EDF 2017 Is An Action Packed 3rd Person Shooter From Japan 0

Fun has always been the quarter-stone of old-school shooters, not graphics or anything else you will find in current day titles, just pure unprecedented fun, and that’s exactly what you get in Earth Defence Force 2017, huge enemies, huge explosions and huge amounts of fun, plain and simple. Sometimes too simple for its own good however, EDF is something of an acquired taste, while it does have a budget price (and budget restrictions for that matter), the game still might not apply to everyone, b...

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An Impressive Debut From Realtime Worlds 0

Crackdown is one of the very few free-roaming games that takes the sandbox formula and almost re-invents it entirely, fusing multiple types of gameplay together to form a game of one of its kind. Simply put, Crackdown is one of most fun experiences a sandbox game has had to offer in recent history. The one thing that might come surprising about Crackdown is how fast it drops you straight into the game, you have your basic main menu that of course lets you decide what you want to do, but the mai...

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