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@boozak said:

Nintendo. Yes they've been interating their games again and again but that's what happens when you've been around for as long as they have. They still make dumb weird games that people make fun of them for and hopefully they never stop doing that.

Nintendo is one step forward and two steps back when it comes to creativity to me. They span some genres, but most of their games are platformers and mini-games, the ones that aren't (Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, etc) get remade each gen like Madden does every year. To me, they're closer to Telltale. If Nintendo releases 6 games then probably 4 or 5 of them are going to be rehashes and one or two will be creative.

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Rockstar should be mentioned when you consider Midnight Club, Bully, Red Dead, The Warriors, GTA, Max Payne, Table Tennis, LA Noire, and Manhunt.

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As someone who is not deep into Star Trek at all, I thought it looked fine. I kept hearing that it's on CBS All Access, but what the hell is that? Do people have to be signed up for a service to watch this show, if so, good luck with that. If it's on regular CBS that doesn't sound good either, since I can't think of a CBS show that I ever thought was good. Seems like she might be half Vulcan, if so, seems like her ears would be bigger. I think a Mass Effect series on a good channel (FX, AMC, HBO, Netflix, etc) would be way more interesting to me. The Mass Effect universe is better than Star Trek and definitely Star Wars IMO.

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Destiny is going to be one of the biggest games of the year, so I wouldn't worry about the community size - it's not like it's Evolve or Battleborn, but even with them you can still find games. With co-op games I just play with friends anyway, not randoms. I don't plan to buy it until it proves it actually has enough content to be worth $60, since I still think Destiny 1 on release wasn't worth $60 and I regretted buying it. If I do get Destiny 2 it'll be on X1, since that's where most my friends are and I prefer the Xbox controller over PS when it comes to FPS.

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Maybe it's because my interest in video games has gone down (this gen has been meh) and my interest in TV and other things have gone up, but I don't really give a crap about anything at E3 this year... I don't even know when it is. Seeing video/gameplay for a couple of games I'm interested in like Cyber Punk, God of War, etc. will be cool, but I don't really care about anyone's new console. Seems like the most interesting thing from Scorpio might be that it can run Oculus and Vive, which somewhat interests me once they get more good games.

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  • Rainbow Six
  • Ghost Recon
  • Splinter Cell
  • Far Cry
  • Mass Effect (it's not dead, but it's not healthy right now either)
  • Titanfall
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • DMC
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Largely Ubisoft games are on my list since they have potential then screw them up with the later sequels. Ninja Gaiden on Xbox is still my favorite game from that genre. I liked the DMC reboot and would like to see more. I'm not a huge Titanfall fan, I just felt bad for the devs for making a good game then having dumbass EA executives kill their game by releasing it 7 days after BF1. A new Marvel Ultimate Alliance would probably sell like crazy given the movie universe success.

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I half-expected that the series was over with that Manu block, but the effort from the Rockets last night was pitiful and disappointing. Harden is deservedly getting ripped. So many lazy passes, bad decisions, etc. If he wins the MVP, it will be a travesty after that display. Also, I think it's time to consider D'Antoni a bad coach. Granted, it looked worse simply by comparison to Pop, but Harden and the Rockets undeniably quit. The in-game and series adjustments were virtually nonexistent, and Harden's supporting cast and bench were grossly underutilized. Dekker in particular should have played about 30 more minutes than he did in the series.

I think D'Antoni should be on the chopping block. The Rockets were far worse than the sum of their parts in this series. Given the injuries to Parker and Leonard, Houston should have been able to win the series. Credit to SA for doing the classic Spurs team basketball thing and handling the adversity (and Aldridge in particular for finally stepping his game up), but Houston failing to capitalize on the lucky break to play a Spurs roster down two of their best should be unacceptable. This was bad. It was tough to watch, even as a Spurs fan. You never want to see a team go out like that.

Leonard's health is still the biggest factor in the Spurs' chances against GS, but I'm glad he got to at least rest during this one. I thought it was the right call before the game, and it certainly proved to be. If he's back to nearly 100%, I fully expect SA to give GS a way better series than most are predicting and quite possibly even pull the upset. Obviously GS is the more talented team, but anyone underestimating the ability of Pop's teams for scrappy overachievement is a damn fool. If GS comes in cocky and/or looking ahead to LeBron, they're going to get beat. It should be a good series.

I don't see the Spurs winning the series with or without Leonard at 100% and it doesn't matter if they're cocky or not. I say that as someone who dislikes the Warriors. The Rockets completely fell apart, it looked like Harden was paid to lose the last game. Barring injury, I don't see anything stopping the Cavs, Warriors trilogy. The Spurs play too slow and don't have enough offense, the Celtics and Wizards need another allstar like Butler, Paul George, Melo, or Cousins to be a threat to Cavs.

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Can't clown on the Rockets too hard after last night. It would suck watching Harden quit and play poorly in the playoffs like he does virtually every year. At least Rocket fans have this...

That leaves just two MVP candidates left in the POs. Lebron and Leonard, in that order. Never thought Harden should win it, and especially not Russ...forcing an entire NBA roster to depend 100% on you for everything on the court, including rebounds, is the opposite of valuable.

It's not like the playoffs affect the MVP of the regular season race, or at least it's not supposed to. Westbrook should obviously win that since the Thunder would be like the Kings (if not worse) without Westbrook.

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@sarcasticmudcrab: For me, it's not the aim assist, but I have seen a few kill cams where it looked like the archer or sniper missed me by a few inches and they still got credit for the hit. It didn't happen a lot, but it did of course piss me off when I saw it.

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My girlfriend likes games, but she can only play ones where you don't control the camera (Plants vs Zombies, Sims, Guacamelee, etc) so side scrollers or a top-down view. She'd probably like Portal, The Last of Us, and other games, but getting someone who didn't play video games as a kid to walk and look around at the same time is tough. To me it's the simplest thing in the world, but when I've shown her, friends, or others they can't seen wrap their mind around walking and looking at the same time. Is there a game that has a really good tutorial or did anyone else run into this problem and have a first or third person game they recommend?