Whoa I'm way late

So...yeah...Giant Bomb blogs. I signed up about 3 months ago when the site opened and haven't written a blog entry...so here I am. Hooray for me.

The game that wronged me
The game that wronged me
I don't actually know what to write about here, not much has been happening during my cyber life recently. The last notable thing would be Tekken 6's 360 announcement for fucking FALL 09'. And don't get me started on that. 360 I can handle, but Fall 09'? Good god. But whatever, makes for a better game. And also I want Tetsuya Nomura to hurry up and announce Kingdom Hearts III.

Okay so instead of going into rages about games that are coming out, I figure I should quickly focus on a game that's come to my attention recently. I'll give you a hint. Its a Playstation exclusive that's coming out this month. And given that only first party games are exclusive now, through the process of elimation, that leaves but one game:

Little Big Planet

I've been watching some videos of this game on the net, watched IGN's video review (and they
The game that I hope is awesome
The game that I hope is awesome
actually expect me to click back for the 3 page text review. HA! Not likely)and continued to ignore Gamespot's new noobie staff members by neglecting their review, and then watched some more videos. And I've yet to figure out what exactly it is you do. Is this a platformer or a stage creator?

Regardless I need a game to play for my PS3 thats not Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, so out of desperation I'll probably end up buying it.

So yeah...thats the first blog entry right there. Not interesting yet but when I find something to write about, oh man. That will be a good ass blog entry.

So the message(s) of my blog entry?
  • Japanese developers take too fucking long to make games (see: Tekken 6, Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts DS/PSP, ect.)
  • It's cool to be late.