Parasite Eve On PSN!! FINALLY!

After trading in so many classic PS1 games years ago to get my PS2, I have regretted losing some (Only MGS I regretted enough to buy in physical form again) 
PE was definitely one of them, this was such a classic awesome game, and now I can get it back for less than the money I got at EB for it.....faaaaaaaaaaaantastic :P 
What games are you folks waiting for on the PS1 classic list? I got RE back, PE (2 I did not like a whole lot, so meh) FF7 (didn't sell it, someone jacked it on me from a party), and FF tactics has shown up again in 80 forms, Soul Reaver and Silent Hill came my way...I can't seem to think of much else I would NEED from that era...most platformers just feel so broken now since the PS2 days, same with shooters (ever go back and play the first Medal of Honor...oh dear god NO lol) 
I realize this is broken as all getout, but hey, it's a day for random ramblings :P