RLOD (Ahhh daaaamn)

Just get a copy of rockband for myself and what happens...my PS3 turns off and blinks red (I can turn it back on but it turned off again....I guess it doesnt have much left).

My only major concern - I am 60 hrs into Dragon Age and REALLY dont wanna lose it....can you back up a PS3 HD to an external source and then transfer it all to a new PS3?

Although I'll prolly never get it on long enough to transfer....BAH, boourns, and goddman the fuckers for not allowing save back ups....or perhaps I get it on long enough to set up PS+ and save back up.....

Parasite Eve On PSN!! FINALLY!

After trading in so many classic PS1 games years ago to get my PS2, I have regretted losing some (Only MGS I regretted enough to buy in physical form again) 
PE was definitely one of them, this was such a classic awesome game, and now I can get it back for less than the money I got at EB for it.....faaaaaaaaaaaantastic :P 
What games are you folks waiting for on the PS1 classic list? I got RE back, PE (2 I did not like a whole lot, so meh) FF7 (didn't sell it, someone jacked it on me from a party), and FF tactics has shown up again in 80 forms, Soul Reaver and Silent Hill came my way...I can't seem to think of much else I would NEED from that era...most platformers just feel so broken now since the PS2 days, same with shooters (ever go back and play the first Medal of Honor...oh dear god NO lol) 
I realize this is broken as all getout, but hey, it's a day for random ramblings :P



Okay, I know this is not a gamer site, but it is filled by people from other cultures and countries. As a Canadian I am a massive hockey fan, who over the years have listened to people call it barbaric and dumb. Last night I saw a hit on one of my favorite players that near made me sick and frankly just sucked the wind clean away from me. 
The player never got a suspension for this...is it just me, or is this part of the reason why the NHL is such a joke in the US? 


Dead Space 2 Commercial

Has anyone seen the new "your mom will hate it commercial?" I am kind of torn on what to think of this thing. 
Firstly I feel they are marketing a very violent and R rated game to young kids, which while I'm not "when will someone think of the children", I feel this is just more cannon fodder for this group (and I do think extreme violence for certain young kids can twist the head a little bit, but thats the parents job to understand what the kids are playing).
I also feel it may be a bit of a shot and parody for the "think of the children group"...but if this is the case when will this ever do well for an industry being attacked from all sides as the new trouble industry? An industry that still doesn't get a mature ratings, but banned, in Australia. An industry who gets targeting as toys for children, and as warping kids...this is only spitting in their faces, and that never ends well. 
This commercial only gives that side more resolve, and I worry more censorship for games may be on the way. 
OOOOOOOOR....maybe it's just a sign that censorship lost here? Either way, the commercial only ads to an overall immature view that seems to be the main opinion from non gamers.


A site of discussion; no name calling?Thank you GB and community!

Okay, so I have only very recently started attending this site and even more recently I have started taking part on the boards. Fact of the matter is, usually I cannot stand the message boards. They all seem to be filled with Trolls, opinionated schmucks who seem to have a belief that their opinion is to be held on high (and will pick apart other arguments with crazy logic or just knocking spelling and grammar).  
I was once an IMDBer, but well...fuck that! It is so full of bullshit I got tired of sifting to find intelligible thought and conversation, or I would find such gems stating great observations like "Britnys da beeest! Janaus Jooplin sux"...so yes, I was beginning to think that giving an easy outlet voice to the masses was being overcrowded by just angry rants and knee jerk reactions . And then there is IGN....the less said about you the better, you flame-war inducing hacks! We get it, you love Xbox...now run along to school...oh wait, whats that "Xbots are mega faggy super gay" or whatever stupid racist, homophobic comments you can think of...and by the way, if a game is popular and everyone loves it on the merits that it strives to achieve...it's over rated and that person is the only one who seems to know ANYTHING (see any Uncharted 2 or Halo post) 
Essentially, if you could not tell, I gave up on the internet discussion...then I started actually reading the blogs here after I heard of the site, which I heard of when I had read about  the gamespot fiasco...somewhere, and while Jeff's (I think it was him) reviews never really leaned my way, down and out didn't like them, I had to hand it to him, man stuck to his guns and had some integrity...I come to find the same kind of thing with most writers here...I may not agree with you, but I can respect what you have to say, dissent from your opinion without fear of a "You're stupid, I know all" response....ahh real discussion... 
Thank you Giant Bomb! 
And I apologize for this broken, semi-rant :P