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Great game that acquires you to think a bit 0

What do you get when you take James Bond and remove his charme and wit (and hair for that matter)? You get a dead serious, cold blooded, merciless assasian named 47. Hitman is one of (many) series where you don't really need to know the back story in order to imurse yourself into the game. The story aint bad, it just isn't the main focus of the game. The main focus is to find the best and most effective way to kill your target, and the possibilities are almost endless . It may sound grusome, but...

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A perfect end to the series 0

First of, I am not going to write much (if anything) about the story, there is simply too much to cover, and neither should I write much about it, cause it could ruin the experience for you. But let me just say, it is great. It is not quite as a complex story like in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, but it aint simple either. Perhaps you might want to have some knowledge about the series before you play it, or else it could be become a tad confusing. But I would say that, even if you have no...

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