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    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    Game » consists of 21 releases. Released Jun 12, 2008

    In 2014, war has become so routine that it is at the core of the global economy. A rapidly aging Solid Snake picks up his gun and embarks upon his final mission in this epic tale of tactical espionage action -- the conclusion to the Solid Snake saga.

    demoman's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Limited Edition) (PlayStation 3) review

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    A perfect end to the series

    First of, I am not going to write much (if anything) about the story, there is simply too much to cover, and neither should I write much about it, cause it could ruin the experience for you. But let me just say, it is great. It is not quite as a complex story like in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, but it aint simple either. Perhaps you might want to have some knowledge about the series before you play it, or else it could be become a tad confusing. But I would say that, even if you have no clue over what is going on, you would still be entertained by the great gameplay.

    The game has five acts, that puts Solid Snake in different tasks and enviroments (so you are not just stuck in some forrest or building through out the game), and developes the story further and further. Some of the cinematics are quite long, which for some might not be to their liking, but they are so well crafted that you feel like you are watching a movie. The graphics are some of the best you will find in any game! And the same goes for the gameplay. You have pretty much endless ways to take out your enemy and such. And you can of course play the game in two ways. One way is to sneak your way through the game and the other is to blast your way through the game. The first one is of course the recommened one, cause in the end it is a stealth game. But the latter works fine as well, and is as good as any other "real" shooter game. It even has a first person view mode that you can use through out the whole game, if you intend to shoot your through.

    I can't really find any negatives about this game, unless I really want to nitpick (which there is no real reason to). The music is still good, and is up too par with real hollywood blockbusters. The characters are great and collorful, and alot of time has been invested in them. Most of us remember the hate against Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, and the rage over the fact that you spend the majority of the game as him. But this time I think we all can agree that he has become cool as hell, and you almost wish that you could play just one act as him. But in the end, it is Solid Snakes story and the story about his last mission... and a damn good one indeed.

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