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In Depth Review: No More Heroes 2 1

DEMONTIUM REVIEWS NMH2:  Honestly, I think no two words have ever better described a piece of interactive media other than fucking amazing, and were it not for my own need to prattle on about things, I would consider this review complete.The original No More Heroes was a great game, and one I enjoyed completely. I won't bother going into the story, because most by now are familiar with it, as well as how Travis Touchdown kicks more ass than ninjas, pirates, Jedis and Chuck Norris combined. All t...

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In Depth Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers 5

Demontium Reviews: FFCC:CB (7.0/10.0)This game does not live up to the hype. Reviews have flooded already, but as I am not an official game editor I got this game only yesterday and, well it took my time before I could really review. So, you probably already know it is not as good as it looked.  I initially considered opening up this review by likening Crystal Bearers to a roller coaster ride in that it's full of ups and downs. But after careful consideration, I've decided that the metaphor appl...

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In Depth Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 6

Demontium Reviews: Modern Warfare 2 (9.0)  Possible Spoiler Alerts (kinda.... not really?)  I picked up this game TODAY. I beat this game TODAY. I got to level 35 TODAY. Do not tell me I have not played it enough TODAY. Anyways...    You need time to deal with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After all, considering the size and scale of the year-long media campaign that has heralded its arrival, at times, it's been easy to forget that there's actually a video game at the centre of all this atte...

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In depth review: a boy and his blob 2

Demontium reviews: A boy and his blob (8.5/10)  I said I would have this review up earlier than I did so I apologize in advance.            It happened at night when no one would notice – no one except for one special boy. We don’t know why he’s special, and just like a similar mystery on Lost, the wondering may never end. What happened that night is reminiscent of Superman’s arrival to Earth: after realizing that something (from outer space?) has crashed near his home, a young boy rushes to inv...

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demontium Quick Review: Mario and Luigi RPG 3 0

Pros: - Amazing and simplistic visual/art style - Refreshing to play mainly as Bowser - Witty and interestingly written - The "Winning formula" for Mario RPGs shines through this game with a good balance of old and new  Cons: - Too short - Too easy - RPG elements are on the light side, while it could have been improved from the last one  Final Verdict: A definite Must-Have for DS owners. It opens RPGs for both fanatics and first-timers....

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It all depends on what you like... 0

This is a very different DLC. It was fun, but with some backdrops. It starts off with you getting sucked up from space, and there your adventure begins. I think the biggest problems with it is that it is very short and the exploration is set to a minimum. Also, all the alien weapons are inferior to the alien blaster that you can get in the wasteland. However, there story and lay of the limited land are very polished. There are only a handful of new enemies you will see; including a couple variat...

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