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My first Blog Post.

It was November 22nd, 2005 On a Tuesday and Wal-Mart opens at around 7:00AM that day. Me and two others were waiting for it, Another guy came out of nowhere and Claimed his Core console voucher. I was one of the first In my hometown to Grab a Microsoft Xbox 360 and to go along with it, was Perfect Dark Zero. there were only 6 Of them. 2 Premiums and 4 Core consoles, We waited in the cold and in the rain, I was rather Young at that time. i actually started to walk At 3:00 AM that morning i shouldn't have been out that late. I would have been in trouble and let me tell you my experience with this Console. Before the xbox 360 came out, i was a "Sony Fanboy" and i was pretty skeptical of the console its self. Well, I brought a Core Console home with PDZ, And let me tell you, i fired up the First Ever firmware on that console. The first dashboard and i was blown away. I really liked the comfort of the control, the friendly interface of the dashboard, The design of the console was interesting. Power brick somewhat bothered me but i didn't pay attention to it ever i fired my console up. Eventually, i found the premium at Walmart a week later and Bought it. Because i wanted the premium and not the core. I should not have sold my First Xbox 360. But it didn't have the Hard drive. The premium was a fantastic offer. its a shame i couldn't save my money in the past. Anyway, Perfect Dark zero ended up being a pretty big disappointment. That's not why i bought the console, but it wasn't the game i thought it was going to be. What was rareware thinking? I Was a hardcore Perfect Dark fan back in the day. Its pretty lame the game ended up being
mediocre not offering the challenges The original offered. They destroyed the storyline, The multi player just felt weird. The graphics were the only thing decent about the game, But the game made me feel so burnt, Not because i wasted money on it but because it was so empty. Sure, its a launch title  But was Halo a empity game? i think not. Anyway, One excellent video game after another, I actually didn't open the xbox 360 premium because i was saving it for when i had my Own place. Apparently, that never happened and now 4 Years later and many red rings of death. Microsoft has a fantastic console with heating issues. So i have a factory sealed Xbox 360, But I'm not red ringing it, its the First ever dashboard and i'd rather keep it, since it is the first of its kind. It has the limited edition media remote. Well, microsoft is your next console going to Overheat due to faulty architecture? Anyway, I'm not a fan boy anymore and haven't been for years, its generally foolish to Deny yourself video games. All consoles have advantages and disadvantages. Happy anniversary Microsoft, its been great!

                                                                                                                                 Woohoo! Pst, thats not me.

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