Raging over Red Rings.

So one of my 360's just died. Had to do that in whats probably the busiest part of the gaming year, didn't it?
What with Saints Row 2 coming out soon, Co-op might have to wait.
It probably won't. My older bro has a 360 he currently isn't using and he probably won't mind us borrowing it til we sort out a replacement.
But I'm not impressed.

It's the second time it's died.
My launch 360 died a little over two years ago is my guess and we sent it in and got it replaced.
Now it's replacement needs replacing. It's frigging rediculous.

I'm debating what to do about it.
Do I send it in? Because that so obviously helped the first time.
Half pondering just buying a core or whatever it is - the one without the harddrive and just sticking our hd in that.
A more expensive alternative, but a more convienient one.

Going to have to work to prevent it happening again though. I already thought it was in a pretty good position as far as heat and stuff goes.
Might have to try somewhere else.
Just goddamn. Bad day all round.

Our Saints Row 2 preorders didn't come in like they were s'posed too.
My brother lost his wallet.
The 360 which is effectively his red rings.
Just so damn lame.