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Insane fun 2

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Fat Princess finally came out today, and it's really good.  Everything about it seems very polished,  from the blood splatting to the princess getting fat.  The first thing you should do is the story mode, basically a tutorial with a hilarious story voiced by only 1 man.  It shouldn't take long, except if the ai on your team becomes retarded.  The enemy ai is very good and aggressive. The graphics are amazing, blood splatters nicely and there is some c...

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Best game to end the ps2 era 0

Ok let me get this out of the way: I love rpgs, always have.  The story begins with your typical no named protagonist who has just moved to a small quiet town, Inaba.  Right away murders happen and your character gets involved and has to stop the murders.  The story is one of the games strongest points.  The graphics, for a ps2 game, are very good.  It really is a departure from persona 3, which had a gloomier kind of art style.  The anime sections are done great, they are colorful, vibrant and ...

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