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    Fat Princess

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jul 30, 2009

    The controversial Fat Princess sees the endless battle of red vs. blue comes to a fight between two kingdoms who have kidnapped each other's princess and are stuffing her with cake to make her rescue more difficult.

    djstyles92's Fat Princess (PlayStation Network (PS3)) review

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    Insane fun

    After waiting for what seemed like forever, Fat Princess finally came out today, and it's really good.  Everything about it seems very polished,  from the blood splatting to the princess getting fat.  The first thing you should do is the story mode, basically a tutorial with a hilarious story voiced by only 1 man.  It shouldn't take long, except if the ai on your team becomes retarded.  The enemy ai is very good and aggressive. The graphics are amazing, blood splatters nicely and there is some charm in each character you see.   Now onto the part everyone cares about, the online.  The online is wicked fun, but hinders from slight lag.  Each game lasts roughly 20-30 mins but can last for an hour.  I highly recommend Fat princess to anyone who like team building games.  Actually, just anyone in general will like this game.  GO BUY IT  4.5/5 stars

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      Fat Princess is a PlayStation Network game from Titan Studios. You'll be taking on the role of a worker, warrior, wizard, cleric, or an archer to complete the task at hand. Among those tasks is the act of guarding the enemies princess, and making sure she stays nice and plump with the forbidden cake. Done in a cartoony style, this game sports 4 different modes of play to keep you busy.Graphically this game is on par with Castle Crashers. I do like the fact that as you play more you can open up m...

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      Much like the Fat Princess herself eating too much cake, this game takes a good thing -- character customization and multiple gameplay choices -- and overdoses on it until you are left with a painful, disappointing result.  By now we all know that Fat Princess has a great watercolor art style and capture-the-flag style mission objectives layered with tons of different character customization options. The problem is that the game offers no direction for how these different classes and weapons sho...

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