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A tech demo 2

I was very excited for Crysis, and even upgraded from my 7900 GT for it. The good reviews kept me hopeful. But once I dived into the game, what I found was a sneak preview on what we will see next gen. The graphics are through the roof. Detail is everywhere. Vista users get a little extra also (very high settings). I still don't think there's a computer on the market that can run Crysis perfectly. Battles with many people tend to chop of the FPS. But still, the graphics are wonderful, and certai...

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Back on track 0

The Call of Duty series is truly one of the best, but Tryarch is Activision's sad excuse on making more money (so they can release one game per year). Yeah Call of Duty 3 sucked. I didn't mind Finest Hour and Big Red One, but they should stick to the spin-offs. Anyway, Infantry Ward got the right idea and moved away from WWII. Modern times seems like a good idea. Combine that with Hollywood style storytelling, and you get one heck of an adventure. Call of Duty 3 started to add more depth into th...

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The weakest link 1

*shakes head* what the heck happened Treyarch? Finest Hour was an OK start. Big Red One was even better! But you've just proved that you cannot be trusted with the main series. No PC version? It could have been so much better. Better controls, multiplayer, and mods. Ridiculous! But let's talk about what this game does have. The single player campaign is still in WWII, not a bad thing. The campaign adds a couple countries like the Polish and Canadian (lol). The campaign just isn't as exciting as ...

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Clearly the best in the series 0

It's rare for me to say a sequel surpasses the original with no question. The team at Infantry Ward have done a fantastic job on Call of Duty 2. There are many improvements scattered about. Once again, there are three campaigns of Russian, British, and American. They're just in reverse order this time. First off, the graphics. The graphics have been greatly improved by the already good looking original. There seems to be more explosions everywhere lol. Of course, it is still a little dated, but ...

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The first in one the best series' ever 0

World War II games have been around for a long time. It started with Medal of Honor and moved to battlefield. Then it was Call of Duty. Of course, the setting began to get overused and boring. But Call of Duty was around when WWII games were still great. The game puts you in as an American one campaign, a British the second, and of course, a Russian the third. The highlight of the game teamwork. The problem with Medal of Honor was it's "1 man army" missions (the great majority). In Call of Duty,...

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Worthy of the Star Wars name, but with a few complaints 0

First of all, this game is great. Not a masterpiece by any means, but great. The story is definitely very good, but a bit short. The production values are outstanding. Great graphics all around. Physics engine is great. Character models are detailed. Nice environments, especially outdoors. Disappearing bodies sucks though. The sound is very Star Wars, and well placed. The gameplay is also very strong. Great use of the force. There are lots of powers you can use. The lightsaber is not as bad as p...

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An incredible game only brought down by bugs and poor multiplayer 0

    Most of the time, games that have been in development hell and later released fail. Not in this case. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl was easily on the best PC games of 2007, and is still worth a play. The storyline is very good. Without spoiling too much, I'll give the premise. You play as "Marked One". You were found in a death truck with a strange mark on your arm. You can't remember anything of your past, and set out to find answers. The game takes place in Chernobyl, Ukraine, the sight of ...

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