GOTY 2013

These are my favourite games of 2013.

List items

  • Despite being a spiritual successor to an SNES game, A Link Between Worlds is easily the most modern feeling Zelda game, with a faster pace and more dynamic structure than ever before.

  • A fun, polished strategy game, with enough character development to make each unit's death feel like a heavy loss.

  • While an immigration officer simulator may not sound very interesting, feeling soulless has never been more engaging.

  • While Outlast may have its fair share of flaws, they're never enough to get in the way of your experience. It thrills you from the beginning up until the final half hour, when the game starts to lose its way.

  • An interesting game to toy around with for a couple days, The Stanley Parable is full of surprises, and one of the funniest games this year.

  • BioShock Infinite delivers on every level, with a great story, fun combat, and some of the best art design this generation. Though it fumbles with its political commentary, the time travel and character aspects are the real draw.

  • Despite the fact that many would say that's not much of a game, Gone Home makes you feel very involved in everything that is going on, and tells a brief but memorable story.

  • For a game that reuses so much content from its predecessor, Saints Row IV feels like a very new experience, and is the best platformer-free roam hybrid out there, while providing players with the amount of laughs one would hope for from a sequel to Saints Row: The Third.

  • DmC is a wild game. Some may roll their eyes at some of its humour, but at its best, it's a great feeling action game where you fight Bill O'Reilly and run across the wave forms of techno music. It's a ride.

  • The Last of Us is the best playing and best written game Naughty Dog has ever released, providing both a great feeling of dread that makes you want to stop playing, and a gripping story that ensures that you see it to conclusion.