Ggame to play while out in the woods in a hut with a wood stove?

So I am going moose hunting in Ontario Canada the second week of October. My father in law has a nice 7 by 7 hut he built and it has a nice little wood stove. I am going to go sleep in there by myself one or two nights and well it gets dark really fast so I will need to keep myself entertained. I love being out in the woods and I love the ambiance I wanted to take advantage of this situation to play an ambient game that I have never played. I only have a PSP and I will be bringing that so I need some suggestions. 
1. I have my PSP that can play any rom up until N64.
2. I missed out on all SNES games because I had a genesis so feel free to point out what you think would be an obvious choice. 
3. It could be a PSP game suggestion or 16bit era or lower :)
I actually have persona 3 portable and it rated super high and I enjoyed the different type of gaming experience that would probably give me (I only watched like 30 or so episodes of Persona endurance run by GB, haven't tried a persona game myself) 
Anyhow, looking forward to some suggestions from other game enthusiasts. 


Awesome pic of my early years in gaming


So I was going through pics my parents have and found this gem of myself. I am 30 years old now and I have no idea how old I was in the picture but that is a joystick for my Commodore 64 :)  Just look at the concentration on that face , the pimping brown gamer chair, lol

Help me not give up on Oblivion

Seriously, I must have died 179.43 times in less than 4 hours!!! I can't block worth shit These fire elf things are raping me.  It takes like 20 hits to kill them. I dont know if I even leveled up yet, I dont know if I am in an area way above my level? I just went in the first oblivion gate and now I am getting raped/. I really want to enjoy this game but I  
have seen the "you died a f*cking gain ... what do you want to do now screen" more than the game itself. 
I'll really appreciate any advice!

I haven't touched my PSP in a while

I haven't touched my psp since early 2009. Seriously, I haven't. So which games have come out since that would be worth purchasing? I know my wife likes it when I sit beside her on the couch while she watches something I dont care to watch. So I might as well get ready for the fall season lol


So far so good.  I am still trying to explore as many features as I can but from what I have seen I am pretty satisfied.


Gaming Nirvana Week!!

Well, my wife and 3 year old son are gone to my inlaws for a week. So I have an entire week of uninterrupted gaming ahead of me!!! Hooray!!!

I am going to be renting games that are good and short.

So far I was thinking of


  • The Bourne Consipercy
  • Bioshock
  • The Darkness
  • Assassin's Creed?
  • That Wu guy video game

Not sure which other ones might be good. Let me know of some good rental games if you can think of some.