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Another great platformer game from Rare. 0

Gameplay: Kameo's gameplay is fluid and simple. The use of the left and right triggers is about the only buttons you use through-out the game, other then the occasion a,b,x,y to switch characters. This make the game available to gamers of all skill level. The maps are setup so that you have to use different characters in different situations. This is however not all that tedious and flows quite smoothly. The gameplay is unique and original, a nice breath of fresh air. Graphics: The graphics for ...

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Same ol same ol 0

Gameplay: The gameplay for this game is just like the previous two Tony Hawk games. It's more of the same old stuff and they did not add much to make it phenominal. Graphics: The graphics are pretty bad for this game considering it's on the Xbox 360. The potential for great graphics is there but you see none of this on screen. Granted this is a first generation game for the xbox 360 it's not but a port from earlier generation. So do no buy this game expecting next gen graphics.Sound: The sound i...

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Almost but not quite 0

Gameplay: For years I have been wishing for a more realistic hockey game. What used to bother me was that the games were too fast. It's not that I could not keep up with the game but I found it interesting that a player could make it from one end of the ice to the other in less than 3 seconds. Being able to one time the puck at 95mph on a backhand while not facing the net. These are a couple of examples of things I used to not like with older hockey games. EA seems to have gotten the right recip...

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An instant classic worthy of it's hype. 0

Gameplay: There are a few duck and cover games out there but they just seem to be missing something to make it great. Well, Epic has found the missing ingredient with this game. The controls are setup to be fluently where it’s not too complicated to do what you want to do. You are able to duck in and out of cover by the push of a button. You can dive and roll into cover without even thinking about it. It becomes natural and almost a sixth sense. Graphics: The graphics are simply marvelous for th...

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The idea was there but the product does not deliver fully 0

The concept of this game is great. Everyone loves the idea of trying to outrun the cops.First the bad.If you are looking for realism you are not at the right place. Your car can hit a transport at 200mph and continue driving. This is ok and adds length to the car chases but you do not have to do any thinking other then avoiding spike strips.The front of your car is a perfect square! What do I mean by that? Well if you happen to hit a guard rail or a wall or something similar you have to back up ...

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A highly addictive and pleasurable game. 0

If you enjoy puzzle games this is a must for your collection.Zuma Deluxe's gameplay is very fluent and smooth. There are times of fast action and the game does not lag or chop during these moments. The movement of your character is precise and accurate.The game stays fresh each time you play it. It isn't too difficult where it no longer becomes enjoyable. The game has two modes and both are very fun.The sound is a little lacking. There are no voices but just noises. These is some text between le...

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Fun but repetative. 0

This game is quite fun at first. It has that Grand Theft Auto feel at first but then quickly fades away.The map is pretty small for a free roaming environment. The landscape is bare with the exception of a few trees , mountains , water streams and a few buildings. Other then that it's your deserted war area feel. You are able to go off the roads but you are most often stopped by mountain ranges that have too much of an incline to climb. Thus forcing you to follow the road, or near it, most of th...

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A different type of game that will surely entertain you. 0

If you are looking for a game with some originality to it, you’ve found it. While the game is not perfect in every aspect it does easily manage to keep you entertained. The ability to switch between first and third person view is fluent and effective. You do not have to fumble or watch for the screen to refresh too long between switching views. This is essential to the game otherwise you would not bother to even switch views.The game has a set of live ammunition that you must acquire by hunting ...

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Great game for experienced gamers 0

If you are an experienced gamer you might enjoy this game more then a newer gamer. It is difficult at first but you can master this game. Gameplay: The gameplay is very smooth. Enemies jump out of different areas to often catch you by surprise. The camera angles can take a little getting used to.Graphics: The cutscenes are phenominal and actually matter to the storyline instead of being all flash but no content. The graphics are great while playing the game as well. The surrounding are nice and ...

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Story mode and being able to get off your skateboard make this a 0

You must get this game if you are a fan of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. This game added a whole new concept to the series. First of all you are able to get off your skateboard! This alone sold me on this game. The ability to climb objects and reach areas that might not have been available to you before if very appealing!The gameplay of this game is still great as it was in THPS 4. It is still smooth and the controls are the same except for a few added moves and features. The ability to get o...

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One of Xbox's better looking RPGs 0

This game is either loved or loathed. Several people, including myself, had been waiting a long time for Sudeki to come out. The hype was built up on Gamespot and several other gaming sites. The graphics were very appealing and it looked very promising.I had not played a RPG in a long time so this was a nice change of pace.The game starts you off with a bit of a tutorial. It teaches you what you need to know. Depending on your playing skill this should not take very long. The controls are pretty...

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A good game for Magic the Gathering card game fans 0

This game is a pretty good game. I believe that people that have a Magic the Gathering background might enjoy this game a little more then others. It's neat seeing some of the cards you've used in the past in the card game come to life.The graphics are average. The characters models for your creatures are well done and the game does not lag even when several creatures have been summoned and a lot of action is happening.The sound gets annoying at times as the person casting the spell says the nam...

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Not much different but still fun to play 0

Any game with a digit following it's name is prone to being repetitive. THUG2 is no exception. Luckily, for Neversoft, repeating the fun and action packed series of Tony Hawk Pro Skater is welcomed by many.First off the only "new" thing about THUG2 compared to THUG1 is the storyline in story mode. The storyline is immersive and humorous. It gets you laughing a few times. Another new feature is called "focus". Once a player gathers "special" you can click the white button and things go into a slo...

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Hidden Gem! 0

Not many people talk about this game but I decided to play it anyhow.Right from the beginning this game immerses you with a cast of unique and enjoyable characters. The storyline is very well done with plenty of twists and turns. The game in itself is very original. Being that you are playing with the minds of others you are able to create any type of level that you want. Speaking of levels, each one is unique and interesting. It has a lot of variety, a water level, some bouncing floating levels...

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