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Not much different but still fun to play

Any game with a digit following it's name is prone to being repetitive. THUG2 is no exception. Luckily, for Neversoft, repeating the fun and action packed series of Tony Hawk Pro Skater is welcomed by many.

First off the only "new" thing about THUG2 compared to THUG1 is the storyline in story mode. The storyline is immersive and humorous. It gets you laughing a few times. Another new feature is called "focus". Once a player gathers "special" you can click the white button and things go into a slow motion. The camera zooms in a tad as well. This option ends up being more helpful than it is eye candy. It lets you complete the difficult parts of a combo by slowing things down.

Once again many guest appearances are made. Many of them are amusing.

Gameplay: THUG2 is no exception. These keep the same controls for the tricks and things are still very tight in that category.

Graphics: The graphics were nothing revolutional from THUG to THGU2. However, they are once again great graphics. They are smooth , flashy and immersive.

Sound: The sound is once again very important for this game. It keeps you entertained and keeps the game from being repetitive. The music has a wide range of variety. From Metallica to Johnny Cash to The Doors. I find myself singing along with some songs. (my poor wife's ears)

Value: You get a lot of hours played into this game without even noticing it. The world in THUG2 has so many interactive objects. it keeps things nice and fresh.

Reviewer's Tilt: Overall this is a great game. It's been done before but you still just can't help but play and enjoy this game.

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