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Got Love For...

These games may not be the best in the world. But here's a short list of games I love as a fan.

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  • I wouldn't call this game underrated by any stretch. But I will say it's over-criticized. For all the barriers Ubi broke through making this game, it staggers me that people can whine so much about a few repetitive yet optional side-quests.

    I say man-up, turn your HUD off, and soak yourself in this brilliantly realized world.

  • Best FPS I've ever played. I'm no FPS aficionado, but this game never fails to get the ol' adrenaline pumping.

  • These guys will change the industry if they haven't already.

  • These games were all instant classics as far as I'm concerned.

  • Any game with this in it is a great experience. What said games lack in some areas (combat, depth) they more than make up for with what it excels at (voice acting, storytelling, music, visual design).

  • To me it's the current peak of "games as art".

  • The original arcade Ninja Gaiden is my favourite and only beloved NG game. I spent God knows how many quarters on this game.

  • This is the only Elder Scrolls game I've played. I was skeptical when it was suggested to me (as II'm not a big RPG fan of ANY type), but once I broke out of prison ... awe.

    A lot of times I'll be playing a game and wonder at all the work that went into the whole package, then I remember Oblivion, and it dwarves anything I've seen yet. Bethesda are some hard working folk, and I appreciate it greatly.

    Note: Also the only game I have 1250 XP on.

  • Been enjoying this classic fighting franchise since I first saw the original.