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My all time favourite PS1 games

Just thought I'd compose a small list of some of my most loved and favourite games on the console that cut my teeth as a gamer and holds a nostalgic place in my heart. (List arranged alphabetically, games of the same series chronologically) Want to know something crazy? Despite owning 7 different Final Fantasy games I have never completed a single one!

Note: I am going to be bias as all hell. Just something to keep in mind, these are my nostalgia games remember.

List items

  • Crash Bandicoot is so awesome in my eyes, even the names cool as ice. Crash Bandicoot! Just from that you can tell that this guy lives on the edge and is possibly crazy, but the sort of crazy you like. From the beautiful and colourful art style to the zany characters everything about this game captured my imagination. I was entirely consumed by this game and it's easy to play, hard to master gameplay and world. Easily one of the best platformers I've ever had the joy of playing.

  • This game was my first introduction to the world of Mr.Bandicoot and possibly my favourite of the series. This took platforming to a whole new level in my mind. Just the sheer variety and stupidity of it was so incredibly enjoyable and exciting, I couldn't help be be completely absorbed by it's world. Combine that with solid, enjoyable gameplay and you've got yourself a PS1 classic.

  • Final Fantasy games have always interested me and I don't even consider myself that big of a fan! There was something indefinable about the way the look, feel, setting and soundtrack came together to create something altogether nothing short of magical. It definitely had an X factor to it. Maybe it's because it's so radically different from most other games I've played. I'm pretty sure it's quite typical for a JRPG but this series was my main encounter with the genre and it's easy to see why this series is held in such high regard.

  • So people don't get confused I'm a resident of the UK, so this collection represents Final Fantasy 4 and 5 for me. Whilst I wasn't particularly interested in 4 (though I still had respect and appreciation for it) Final Fantasy 5 was the one that really drew me in. Despite having the same basic formula as most other 2-D Final Fantasy games, 5 definitely stands out as my favourite. The characters and dialogue were well written, funny and genuinely made me care about them. Not to mention the bad ass job system were you could make all your characters ninjas! The only thing I can nitpick is the incredibly generic name of the main villain. I mean come on, "Exdeath" really?

  • To be honest this one just made the list. Don't get me wrong I still hold it in the same esteem as the rest of the series, I just didn't play it as much as the others. Which apparently is a real shame because it's often considered the best in the entire series. Despite my lack of time spent with this one I still managed to find real enjoyment in the beautiful artistic style of it and the engrossing plot... of what I played.

  • This one... needs an ellipses to emphasis that I'm in awe of it. Jokes aside though this game is f-ing awesome. This was the first JRPG I ever played and boy did I pick a good one. I don't even know where to begin a paragraph is not enough to sum up everything as to why this game holds such a dear place in my heart and in the hearts of others. The story, the combat, the world, everything about this is top notch. This game made me realise from a young age that video games were more than just toys and entertainment. The video game was a platform that could bring a story to you, breathe life into a fictional world and make it come alive, it could tell you something and it could make you care. This game embodied all of that, and more than likely is one of the reasons I fell in love with gaming.

  • Ha ha I'm running out of things to say about you Final Fantasy. I have a real respect for this particular entry in the series. At the time it had some of the best graphics I'd ever seen and some really beautiful cut-scenes too, but it's the gameplay that really caught my attention with this one. Keeping the basic combat but changing it up enough so it felt fresh. Instead of having summons as straight up magic attacks, this time you had interchangeable GF's (not girlfriends) attached to each character, which was actually kind of cool. It has come under criticism for it's somewhat complex abilities/crafting system but at least it adds a distinction which separates it from the other titles. In a weird way I appreciated the complexity of it, even though most of the time the finer points went over my head. It felt to me as if you were interacting with your characters on a more intimate level. You were tweaking their finer points rather than just general stats.

  • Without repeating myself on what I've said, this game had the same profound effect on me as Final Fantasy 7. The amazingly fleshed out and interesting characters. The original gameplay. The brilliant script and cinematic directing. The fact that you were actually encouraged not to kill your enemies. Everything about this game worked. It made me care about the characters, one scene in particular comes in to mind, were Sniper Wolf is on lying on the snow close to death, telling Snake about her life and the things that made her the way she was and just as Snake gets ready to kill her Otacon shows up confessing his love for her. The way I've described it probably makes it sound like a bad soap opera, but really you have to see it for yourself. It's a beautifully directed and masterfully crafted scene, so here's a handy youtube link so my babbling at least makes some sense

  • Turn based strategy games are weird and awesome. Really who would conduct a battle were everyone moves once at a time? And who would teach Hogs how to use weaponry and send them into war? The answer to both questions is a madman genius and both are featured in Hogs of War. This is what the Worms 3-D games should have been. Truly funny with highly enjoyable gameplay. It felt awesome taking your small band of ragtag Hog soldiers ranking them up and conquering the map, all in time for christmas now.

  • A spectacular display of 2-D art. There was even a way you could pause the game and have the text disappear so all that was left was a still image and honestly everyone could have been a picture or screenshot. Even if you asked me today I'd be hard pressed to think of another 2-D game that looked quite as beautiful as this. It imprinted vivid images in my mind they have never left me, I can practically see them today. It also was a decent platformer to boot.

  • Ah, this game. The grand-daddy of survival horror. Despite not owning my games in this genre I have to say it's one of my favourites, if not my favourite. This game scared me something fierce as a kid, but I loved every second of it. I don't even know where to start with this game. The cheesy live action sequences, the awful voice acting, the tank controls and fixed camera angles, things people often criticize about this game but I loved it all. Even though on the outset it seems bad, it all comes together in a way that just makes it awesome. I will never forgot my first encounter with a zombie, eating away at a corpse and then slowly turning it's head as it becomes aware of me. It still haunts me to this day. There's so much I love about this game, the mansion setting, the haunting soundtrack and eerie sound effects, man even moonlight sonata made it's way into this game! The fact that you could make a zombies head explode and even though some may say the voice acting is terrible I found myself connecting and becoming involved with the characters, I cared for them, I wanted to see them make it out of the nightmare of the mansion. So many memorable scenes as well. The Keepers Diary, the first time dogs jump through windows, fighting the tyrant, I could go on all day but I'm just going to some it up with this: This game is awesome, I love it and so should you.

  • Without rehashing what I said about the original Resident Evil, let me demonstrate how much this game had an impact on me with this: I played this game like 10-15 years ago? To this day I still have the occasional dream about being stalked by the Nemesis.

    This entry stands out as one of my favourite in the entire series. The horror was really heightened for me because the Nemesis was such an intimidating character. The idea of being constantly stalked by a monstrous... well monster, was really intimidating and terrifying. You couldn't escape this guy, he was going to come after you relentlessly, he was going to kill your friends, kill you and he really didn't give a f... he just does what he's told. You'd often get certain scripted moments were you got a time constrained choice which basically boiled down to 'stand and fight' or 'run away'. Aside from a few encounters, if you ran away then the Nemesis was loose about the map and there was no way to tell when or where he'd show up. This added a real element of fear to the game that enticed me to play even though I was scared stiff.

    Along with that I enjoyed though story, even though from what I remember it was pretty basic. The game had a few neat ideas like making your own ammunition and being able to dodge attacks which I appreciated. The game offered a fair amount of replay value with it's hard mode, epilogues (although I was never good enough to see many of them) and mercenaries. Altogether a really brilliant game in my eyes. I want to play this again now.

  • I never intended to buy this game. It came with Tekken 2 as one of those dual games that came about near the end of the PS1 life in an attempt to get some more money out of people. Needless to say I was really impressed with this. It felt like Tekken with weapons and a campaign mode and damn was it badass. This could have been just a nice Tekken clone with weapons but this intended to be much more. A campaign mode interchangeable weapons for each characters, even interactive endings! This was not what I expected and to it's credit it's combat was different enough to separate it from Tekken. Plus I enjoyed the super cheesy intro song.

  • I was never a huge fan of the comics, the animated series or the film. Though I still think Spider-Man is quite cool. I got this game as a gift one Easter, which was a weird thing as I just expected like a chocolate egg or something but I didn't complain. I have to say this is one of the best Easter gifts (by the way we should totally popularise this) I've ever received as this game is AWESOME! It was like a kick-ass action platformer with free roaming elements and dear lord it was everything I could even want from this game. You could get loads of extra costumes that effectively acted like cheat codes, some giving you infinite web or health. There was loads of hidden collectables, truly fun boss fights (something I consider a rarity) loads of different colourful levels and environments. The combat was solid and the story was enjoyable. Aside from a few frustrating chase/run sequences this game was damn near perfect.

  • This game holds a very special significance to me as it was the first game I ever fully completed, 100%. I believe in the actual game the full completion statistic was something like 105% or 120% and I was proud when I got it. Aside from this the game was visually gorgeous. It was bright and varied and really captured my imagination as a kid. From what I can remember the core gameplay was solid as well , I remember being particularly impressed with the "gnarly" skating mini-games, however they could of been terrible, my tolerance for awfulness was a lot higher as a child. What matters is I enjoyed it at the time, and I got my gems back from that greedy a-hole Moneybags!

  • As a kid I was never particularly interested in James Bond films or spy fiction. The only undercover spy-like agent I had time for was Gabe Logan. Syphon Filter as far as I can remember was the first 3rd Person Shooter I ever played and it as pretty awesome. The opening level was badass and it’s the one that really stands out in my memory of this game. From the start it was guns-blazing, although later levels had more of an emphasis on stealth. The combat was incredibly fun, I remember in one part of the first level you could throw a grenade into a small room were the enemy had no escape. He would yell "You son of a -" and be cut off just as the grenade explodes. The funny thing is there was actually plenty of time for him to finish sentence which gave it an unintentional but hilarious comic effect. One thing that was highly enjoyable for me was the way you could taser someone for so long that the actually caught fire. Needless to say I spent much of my game time doing this.

  • I can't remember what order I played the original trilogy of Tekken games in, I think this one might of been last? That's beside the point though. What's important is a freaking loved Tekken games! It's hard to describe but the game just felt right. Despite being a pretty bare-bones port of an arcade game I found hours of fun with this thing, I ended up unlocking all the hidden characters from playing it so much (aside from Devil or whatever he was called, cause that was near impossible for me). The game had an great soundtrack too.

  • I think this was the one that introduced me to the Tekken series. I was always impressed by the cinematic intros of these games, and this game was no exception. Compared to the original Tekken they added a lot into Tekken 2 in terms of sheer content. A survival, time attack and I believe a team battle mode were all added to this game. As well as this all the unlockable characters had cinematic endings whilst in the previous title they didn't. It introduced a few cool new characters such as one of my personal favorites Jun, I think this was the first character I ever learned an entire/most of a move set for and made a pretty daring, but interesting change from Kazuya being a protagonist to antagonist. Though not my favorite game in the series, I do hold a respect for it as it was an incredibly enjoyable game and I get an odd nostalgic feeling whenever I play it that I just don't get with others on this list.

  • Ah, this one. Now if I could attribute the reason I love fighting games to any single game, it'd probably be Tekken 3. I don't think I've ever spent as much time with another Tekken, as I have with this one. Where do I even begin? For starters the combat was great, I mean really great. Even as I kid I could appreciate how good it was. The cast of characters was brilliant, each one really felt unique in their fighting style and personality. The stages and music were phenomenal, and the art and graphic design looked great (for the time at least). It's really hard to fault this game. Even the mini-games were great! I unlocked every single character in this game, saw every ending, every secret, I left no stone un-turned. What I remember the most fondly however, is how competitive me and my cousins were when it came to Tekken 3. Like we're talking every time we seen each other playing this game without fail competitive. In my family being good at Tekken 3 wasn't a hobby, it was a way of life. And I think this game needs attributed for having the best mini game within a fighting game. I am of course referring to the fabled Tekken Ball mode.

  • Everyone seems to forget how different this game was to the ones that came before it. Although the core idea was the same, this one just felt a lot more hectic and looked really different. It hard to get across if you haven't played this and one of the other original 2-D worms so your just going to have to trust me on this one. None the less I loved it, if anything I actually prefer this one to it's successors. This is going to sound funny cause really it's a kids game, but the original Worms was just a lot more... gritty than the others. I'm not trying to say it's like L.A Noire or something but... just play it for yourself you'll see what I mean. Anywho, I guess this was the first real 'strategy' game I ever played and it was a blast. There was just something funny about seeing these worms blast each other to pieces in their little worm voices. The game was just so over the top, I mean a game where you deploy exploding sheep at your enemy? Pretty awesome. I was never really an expert at it though, I never mastered how to properly use the bazooka and grenades to their maximum effectiveness and got blown up by the AI a lot when it was on any other difficulty than the easiest. Still, that didn't deter me from having countless hours of fun with this game. It shall not be easily forgotten.