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The Only Games I've Ever Beaten.

I have a very VERY short attention span, so usually, I never finish a game. But there are a few that I have, so...I'm making it into a list. No real order.

List items

  • Actually, first game I ever beat. I have no idea why I even played this game in the first place.

  • Used to play it all the time, but I was a pansy child and would always be afraid of the plants on the way to the Deku Tree, so I'd always stop there. But whatever, I've made up for me being a pansy now and finally beat this masterpiece...about 8 times...

  • After I beat OoT I wanted to play this one. Nothing that much to say.

  • Everyone seemed to be raving about it, so I played it and it was awesome. Great game with a great atmosphere and I just couldn't stop playing it. I've lost count of how many times I've played this one.

  • Played RE:CV, loved it so I picked up the PC version, and it was great. Not much to say really. Great game.


    If you couldn't tell, I love the Resident Evil series, and this game is no exception. It's actually the only RE game that ever truly scared me. I had a day with nothing to do, sat down and beat it in one sitting. A day well spent.

    So far, this is the last RE on this list, because I haven't gotten around beating 1 and 0, and I hate RE5 so I'm not gonna ever beat that one...

  • Rhythm games are cheating right? Yeah, I thought so, so this will be the only one on this list even though I've beaten many. By beat, I mean completed the entire main setlist.

  • Do I seriously have to explain this one? This game is fucking awesome. If you haven't beaten it, I really don't understand why you haven't.

  • Honestly, I found a game that's almost entirely quick-time events to seem really boring and shitty. But Heavy Rain's great story is really what forced me to finish this. A few things seemed stupid looking back on it, but I don't care. This was a really great game.

  • Actually the first "M" rated game I ever played.

  • First video I ever played. Never could actually get passed venom until years later.

  • It's Pokemon Silver...not much to say about that.

  • This game is amazing. Seriously. If you haven't played it yet, PLAY IT NOW DAMN IT.

  • This game is rad.