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I love it!!! 0

There isn't much to say about the game because its still in alpha but i'll say it is fun, addicting , relaxing, slightly creepy, and sometimes wacky      The base of the game now is just play around with the block types and try to get diamond and thrive rather than just survive. Not to say that the game is not a challenge; There are exploding failed attempts at a pig model (and yes i know that that is what creepers are for a fact I heard it from notch), skeleton archers, giant spiders, and zombi...

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Scary but amazing 0

I picked up this game just based on videos and the quick look but I basically knew the idea: a scary as shit game with no weapons monsters and no fighting back. Even with that knowledge I could not tell the experience I was going to have with the game I kinda thought some reviews were over exaggerating when they are talking about you will feel like stuff is there when it is clearly not you just too out of your mind to see the obvious facts. I found myself hiding in closets in the first 45 or so ...

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Simply amazing 0

This game was one I knew was going to be great as soon as I saw the first 10 minutes and after that I found myself so lost in exploration that I had spent hours just going back to collect everything and the boss fights were amazing to find the weaknesses and utilize them to beat the bosses as quick as possible. There were also times when I found myself just experimenting with the different weapons and equipment to see if I could kill all the enemies in the area silently. Other than that I found ...

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