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Must play Shoot 'em ups

Well, it's a list of shmups, mostly for the 360, that everyone should play. In no particular order.

List items

  • The classic games bunched together. I've drained far too many hours in this collection.

  • My first 'dirty-old-man' japanese shmup. Very well done, but in the genre of 'makes me feel dirty having it'.

  • This was surprisingly not a 'dirty-old-man' shmup. It's quite challenging but not impossible, definitely worth a play if you can get a copy.

  • Addicting shmup gameplay with an actually intriguing story. Sold. Also: death piano.

  • Probably the first SHMUP I played on my parents computer when I was a kid. It was the game to turn me on to the genre.

  • it's classic in its ridiculosity. Plus, it's actually a solid SHMUP

  • Okay, technically it's not really a shmup. But, it's close enough to me to be on the list.

  • Another unforgiving game, that is still unbelievably satisfying to play.

  • 'dirty old man'. I can't help but feel like a bad person even simply looking at the box art. The game itself plays solidly and the gradius style power-ups and customizations are super cool. Still not my favorite, but definitely one everyone should play.

  • Out of the 90s, it's a really excellent showcase of the hell of bullets.

  • Updated version of the original, has really great mechanics and great secret bosses. Probably one of the best SHMUP games ever.

  • Highly reccommended. If you're not super great at shmups, I would suggest BL. That mode is much easier if only for the bullet slowing/eating things

  • random cute-'em-up combo. They're definitely worth picking up and fiddling around with just for fun.