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Oh hell yes...

I have crossed the 1,000 point mark. I am now going to go nuts with live edits.

UPDATE: For those of you who have not crossed 1,000 points yet, live edits are not all that different from what you are doing right now. You can add all sorts of information to a page, it still has to be moderated, and you still won't get any points whatsoever until the moderators have reviewed your submission. The only difference is that you can see your edits on that page as soon as you make them, whereas in the past, you'd still be staring at a blank page after you click "submit".


Submissions Going Through

It looks like the staff is finally getting around to some of my subs. Hopefully they'll get to all my screenshots by tomorrow, at which point I'll probably be over 1,000 points. I'm wondering how the points system works once you are able to make live edits. For example, if you write up a nice, long article, since your edits are now live and no one moderates it, who determines how many points you get for that submission? Is it handled by a computer? Given that points are given for quality as well as length, I find it difficult to believe that it would be handled by an automated system, as only a person would be able to judge the quality of submitted material...



Just a few things I noticed after another day spent on the Bomb:

Query: First, I know Mjolnir, Aska, and others have brought this up, and it is a serious issue: are submissions being reviewed in the order they are received? I ask this because some of my text and screenshot submissions have been pending for 50+ hours now, while I see others' submissions going through fairly quickly. My concern is that someone else's article may get approved first even though it was submitted after mine, or that someone may post the same screenshots that I did and theirs will get approved first, so that my submissions are rejected when they are reviewed and I am deprived of points. I've PM'd a whole bunch of staff members about this, so hopefully we'll get a firm answer on the moderation order by tomorrow.

Bug: there seems to be a small bug when you go to "entire friends network" tab. I have more than 100 friends, but the site seems to be displaying only 2 pages, 50 friends per page, and no more than that.


Official response from Vinny (staff):

We have different queues for images than text so they are being processed at different rates. Other things, like minor changes, are just sometimes faster because they don't take as much time to verify or approve. For the most part though, we are going through all the major content submissions on a first come first serve basis.

The back of the queue is around 58 hours. As you can guess, we're pretty slammed, but working to get things moving faster and faster. That's one of the reasons you may see some of your submissions processed before others, as we refine our approval process.

Let me know if you have any concerns, we're definitely eager to get everyone's stuff up ASAP.


So there you have it. The official word is that the queue backlog is now 58 hours, and for the most part, submissions are being processed in the order they are received. Vinny has given me permission to post this PM and spread the word on the current queue status, so if anyone else out there wants to spread this info, feel free to do so...


Brad Shoemaker is the Man

Brad Shoemaker is my fucking hero. I sent him a PM last night complaining about my submissions "disappearing" (I sort of went on a tirade), and the guy was nice enough to actually PM me back with a reply, informing me that it was simply a glitch in the page navigation system and that my images were NOT lost (I want to post the PM but I won't, since it's a PM). Seriously, you have to be a badass to personally reply to a user's PM like that. Say it with me: "We love Brad! We love Brad!"

This guy is my hero
This guy is my hero

You have no idea how relieved I am. Thanks for the update, bro...

Uh oh...

I spent all of last night submitting close to 500 images, and they were ALL pending this morning. Now, I'm looking on my "Pending Subs" page under the "images" tab, and I see only about 25 images pending. I have received no notification in my feed or anywhere else about the other 475 images being accepted or rejected. They are just gone from my "Pending Subs" page. Please, for the love of God and all that is holy...PLEASE don't tell me there is a glitch with the web page and that I have to re-submit 475 images.

UPDATE: My God, I spoke to another user who was having the same problem and it seems like our submissions are gone, just like that. I know the site is in beta but I don't know if I can take the blow. Maybe you guys think I'm whining and being silly but I sat in front of the computer for hours last night scouring for screenshots, uploading them to this site, posting them to their respective pages, doing my part to contribute, and all my hard work is gone just like that. I'm gonna need some kind of guarantee that this won't happen again before I invest any more time and energy into making contributions to this site.

UPDATE 2: OK I made some new screenshot submissions about 15 minutes ago and those are not showing up under the "images" tab in "pending subs" either, so there is hope that rather than my 475 images being lost, they are still pending and just not showing up under "pending subs" due to a glitch in the website. I still have lengthy articles that have now been pending for 40+ hours. 4 people is not enough to go through these submissions. That is an impossible task. They need to get some new staff members ASAP.


Giant Bomb FAQs

For those of you who are wondering about submissions procedures, do's and dont's, and the general workings of this site, I collect all the FAQs I found useful onto this post so you can save yourselves the trouble of having to go scouring through the forums:


Pending Submissions...and Points

Honestly this is totally annoying. I have close to 500 screenshots pending and a number of lengthy text submissions, one of which has been pending for over 24 hours, and they STILL have not gone through. I realize it's the first few days so it's gonna take them a while to sort through everything, but it's especially aggravating to see that others' submissions go through in a few hours (sometimes even a few minutes) while the bulk of mine have been pending for 19 hours or so. I thought it said in the faq that there is a queue and submissions are reviewed in the order that they are received. That is obviously not the case here. I think I'll hold off on submissions until my current subs go through (because once they do, I think I'll be over 1,000 points, at which point I won't have to go through this whole waiting game).

: Couple glitches I noticed. Does anyone know how the user rankings work? For example, I have 131 points, and I'm ranked #101 of 10,305, while faustyn has only 75 points and yet, is ranked much higher than me at #54. Also, when I post in the forums, it shows me as having only 2 posts, when in fact I have made 6 or 7...


Giant Bomb: the First Full Day

I didn't really get to explore this site very much when it came on last night (mostly because it was so late), so today's my first full day making my way around Giant Bomb, and I'll say right off the bat that it is addictive as all hell. First off, the social networking element (adding friends, making blog posts, creating your own gallery, and generally customizing your profile to the hilt) adds a hell of a lot more flavor to the whole experience than other gaming websites. The forums are a bit disorganized right now (and un-moderated as far as I can tell), but I'm sure all that will get sorted out.

The real meat and bones of this site is the user-generated wiki contributions. Being able to add screenshots, game summaries, and all the little extraneous tags like characters, locations, "hamburgers," etc, gives the user a real sense of ownership; that's innovative site design as far as I'm concerned. I've made a couple contributions so far, but apparently you need 1,000 wiki points before you can make submissions without a moderator having to approve it, so I'm going to be making truckloads of submissions over the next few weeks.

All in all, GB is off to a fantastic start.

More to come as the day wears on...

: GB needs to let us add forum signatures. Also, the "my collections" button is still greyed out for me every time I try to add a game to my list...anyone else have this problem? Other than that, this site is shaping up really nicely. The only "front page" feature that's missing is a bona fide news section. Otherwise, I'm pretty much certain that this site will take the gaming world by storm (maybe it already has).

All right, I've got a ton of submissions pending approval, and a ton more to make (I'm seriously gonna end up spending the rest of the evening on this site). Until the next update...!

UPDATE 2: Here's a tip when you're adding content, especially if you have uploaded and are now trying to organize a gazillion screenshots into one gallery. DO NOT do them all at once. Take the screenshots and add them to your desired gallery in small batches because this site is still glitchy, and if you try to do over a hundred screenshots at once (like I did), a whole bunch of them will get left out and you will have to manually add each one to the gallery. In fact, don't even upload everything at once, even though it may be tempting to do so. Upload and organize your content in small batches. Trust me, it will save you a ton of aggravation...I'm speaking from experience here.

Anyway, I've literally got hundreds of contributions pending right now. GB says it will take 24 hours at the most to get approval, so hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, most of my stuff has been approved and added. All in all, it was a good day's grind. More tomorrow...

Update 3: I've spent that past few hours literally uploading 300+ screenshots. I'm really going to bed this time...


E3 2008

Well another E3 has come and gone. There was no earth shattering news (except for maybe FFXIII on xbox 360...I think everyone was expecting it though), but tons of great games were on display. Some quick thoughts on the games that caught my attention the most:

Far Cry 2 looks amazing. So do RE5, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Space (I'm a sucker for survival horror). Fable 2 looks to be coming along well, I love that you can literally buy every shop, castle, etc in the game. And who can forget Fallout 3? I'm a big fan of the original two and had my reservations like lots of people about the free-roaming Oblivion-style gameplay that Bethesda was pursuing, but after seeing the demo, I am absolutely pumped. Finally on the Lucasarts side of things, Force Unleashed almost brought tears to my eyes, as did Mercenaries 2.