Fictional Games / Sequels

Just some game ideas I had based off of other series.

Careful for some possible spoilers.

List items

  • Bioshock: Red Moon

    Game takes place during the cold war. The Russians beat the Americans to the moon and built a city, Lunagrad.

    You get there via a Lighthouse that turns into a rocket.

    Spy themed. Online elements.

    Big Daddy Astronauts.

  • Part II

    Opens with the bombing run mission once again, this time it's Zack that jumps down from the train instead of Cloud. Signaling that this is the alternate timeline in which Zack survived.

    You do the whole bombing run mission as Zack and see that he is much more capable and strong then even Cloud was,and of course has a totally different attitude and personality then Cloud. The mission goes a bit different just to keep things from not feeling to repetitive. Jesse falls for him just as she did for Cloud. Even Barrett ends up gaining more respect for him then he did for Cloud.

    Game alternates between the Zack timeline and the present day Cloud timeline where they escaped Midgar in the last game. Game will be about 75% Present day Cloud, 25% Alternate Zack.

    The alternate timeline Zack moments will basically be moments from the first game but with Zack taking Cloud's place. He joins Avalanche, he interacts with Barrett, Tifa and the others all while Cloud is living a normal boring life in the city, but he and Zack still meet and talk.

    In the Present Day, Cloud and the gang continue on their journey outside of Midgar, but even here not all events will play out the same since the timeline is now free from those who enforced it (the whispers)

    Cool boxart idea: The Buster sword is impaled in the ground in the middle of the scene and both Cloud and Zack are holding onto the handle from opposite directions.

  • The First Child

    Game in the ICO univers.

    Play as a giant cursed child, with horns. Exiled and shunned by humans, animals are your only friends. Until..A nearby village girl take an interest in you, befriends and tries to help you.

    A reverse Last Guardian or Shadow of the Colossus.

    It is hinted that you become Dormin from Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Metal Gear Solid Remake (The Paradox Arc)

    A remake of the original Metal Gear Solid with one key difference, Psycho Mantis knows what happened in the original game's plot.

  • Metal Gear Solid X: Sins of The Fathers or MGS 0

    Sequel to MGS V, Reimagining of Metal Gear and Metal Gear: Solid Snake as well as prequel to Metal Gear Solid.

    Connecting the Big Boss and Solid Snake timelines, father and son meet for the first time.

    The X could look something like this >< Symbolizing the two timelines converging and the meeting point of Big Boss and Solid Snake.

  • 6

    Set on a lush island archipelago. Very "rainforesty"

    Experiments gone wrong


    Some Sci-Fi elements

    Spiritual successor to Turok

    Reboot/Remake of the original

  • Devil May Cry: Demon Hunters

    Ladies only DMC spin-off game featuring Lady, Trish and the return of Lucia.

    Nico, Kyrie, Nero and Morrison will also be featured as NPCs.

    Each character represents a style: Lady- Gunslinger, Trish- Royal Guard and Swordmaster, Lucia- Trickster.

    Characters can be swapped on the fly just like weapons or styles in DMCV, or they can be called to assist. Full 3 player CO-Op is also available.

  • Dead Space 4 or Subtitle

    Soft reboot, continuation

    New main character: tough, gruff workwoman that works as a scrapper/scavanger/looter alongside a team of 3 other (an engineer, a pilot and the boss/guy with contacts). She is doing this to sustain her 2 daughters back at home (calls and has conversations with them reassuring them)

    The game starts as she recovers a chunk of something (Maybe marker) that ends up carrying and forming necromorphs.

    They take this piece to a sprawling black market station where the necromorphs are unleashed.

    The contact that made them go on the mission to retrieve the chunk was a member of unitology, they make their way to this station eventually to see the fruits of their labour and get the chunk.

  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Croft, End of the Tomb Raider

    Lara is about 40+ years old in this title.

    She has a daughter of about 10 years, a husband and lives in a relatively small and inconspicuous little house somewhere in England.

    She has turned her mansion in a museum for the people and has many of her artifacts placed there.

    She has also donated a large sum of her fortune to help people all over . She is left with only enough to live a good normal life.

    Some of her exploits are fairly known among the mainstream, at least the ones not involving raiding tombs. Kind of like a Bruce Wayne figure, but more philanthropist. She used to be an icon (just like back in the day of the first games)

    Many of the details of her past are kept veiled, giving the players the impression that all of the previous games exploits could have happened. And she isn't proud of all of them.

    It has been around 10 years since she has stopped adventuring, let go of her fortune and dissapeared from the public eye.

  • 4 / Rise of Man / Liberation

    Jack Capelli as main character. Following in his father's footsteps has joined the army and is helping fight off remaining Chimera forces.

    After the events of R3 his father is now a high ranking general in the US Army, and the one in charge with hunting down and wiping out the remaining Chimera threat.

    The Chimera have one final Stronghold on earth, in Russia where they first landed and spread from.

    Jack, along side a team of individuals, must journey through and break through the Chimera's last line of defense on earth.

    The deeper they go into Russia the more alien and altered the landscape, feeling as if they are going into the wolf's lair.

    They will end up meeting a Pure Chimera (Ancient), a member of the civilization that lived and dominated earth long before humanity existed.

    It explains how it's species cannot procreate anymore and there are only very few of them alive (though they can live for many years). The Chimera were an experiment that would allow them to bolster their army in hopes of surviving an old enemy's return.

    Humanity was also a "seed" that they planted with hopes that when they return they will have plenty of "candidates" for their chimera virus to spread and create a massive army to protect them.

    This old enemy has eradicated most of the Ancients and chased them off earth and through out the solar system. Now they are coming to finish them off, and possibly all new life on earth.

    The game sets up the return of the Alien Species that forced the Pure Chimera to flee earth millions of years ago.

  • The Line II

    If the first game's aesthetic theme was sand and featured a city buried in sand the sequel's would be water and feature a flooded city.

    -Despite water being such a big theme, underwater battles shouldn't be so prominent, diving under water should be mainly traversal related.

    - Heavy wind and rain is also featured heavily.

    - The water levels would rise as the game progresses changing the layout and opening or closing paths.

  • Part III

    If the theme of the first game was "Love" and for the second part it was "Hate", then the third part should be about "Hope" or "Redemption"

    -Takes place several years after the events of 2

    - Abby and Lev have managed to regroup and join with the fireflies. They let them know about the girl that is immune and probably still alive somewhere.

    - Abby, Lev and a bunch of the fireflies go on a mission to find Ellie and bring her in so as to try and conceive the vaccine.

    -Ellie is a hardened survivor with few moral barriers left to cross (same place as Joel was in in part I)

    -She is drifting alone from place to place. Lost, untrusting, simply surviving from day to day

    -Game could mirror the first one where she finds a youth to protect and take care of (essentially letting her experience motherhood)

    - End should be her finally managing to sacrifice herself to create a vaccine.

    - Game should be more cheery then part 2 , but it's still a tough and unforgiving world.

    - Some characters from part 2 (like Dina and Tommy) could make small appearances in the game somehow

    - Game goes back to seasonal chapters like in the first one. Also maybe for the first time the winter chapter will be happier.

  • Fury World

    - Large Sandbox World

    - Expanded Nemesis System

    - Building and Destroying

    - The World Reacts to you and every world is unique (Different factions with different strengths, different fortresses camps etc)

    - Includes a Character creator and online elements

    - The Player character is mute and fights besides Max, both are interchangeable Protagonists (Similar to Furiosa and Max in Fury Road)

    - When playing as Max the game is strictly Single Player

    - When playing as the created character the game can be taken online

    - Players can be called in to help, or can invade and ambush you