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My Security staff when I come to power.

Number 1 being my Right hand man, and 10 being my FIRST line of... Murder? no, thats the wrong word.... anyway, a list be here.

List items

  • My Mad/Insane/Robot/Zombie right hand, with a brilliant laugh to boot... Yes, I like the cut of the jib of a man that can laugh like a zombie.

  • His name will be Smitty, and he shale be my left hand, bringing doom to elementary schools WORLD WIDE!!

  • I need a SOMEONE to take care of the fat chicks on staff, AS WELL as play my smooth jazz.

  • Hes a robot, and yet has more character then EVERYBODY IN THE GALAXY!

  • Essentially an unwilling ,moving, blockade of targets that allow my snipers to get get into place.

  • Because nobody will argue with bears.

  • Cute, cuddly, and zombie proof... SUCK A D*** CONCRETE WALLS!!!

  • Because they are disgusting, vial creatures... Not to mention I've strapped landmines on them.

  • Donkeys... Lots of donkeys... AND THERE FREE!! And STRAPPED with radio detonators, and enough C4 to blow a hole in 20 donkeys, AND you... Go ahead, take one, they're free slave animals.

  • He may be a HUGE Ghost Busters fan, and have a bit of a wonky eye. But if he can make Activsion look good, he can make my dictatorship look less like a mad ruler with a pet giraffe named Smitty, and more like some dude with FU**** class.