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Looks Great, Plays Poorly 0

Mickey Mania is a game that has plenty to like. The visuals are detailed, the aura and atmosphere of the surrounding past of Mickey Mouse is prevalent, and the music is quite superb as well. However, the total execution of the game as a whole is rather shallow and frustrating. While the underlying charm and appeal of Disney's titular mega star are included, a tight and concise platformer is not.As stated before, the graphics in Mickey Mania leave little to be desired. The game implements the sam...

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Rewriting the Open World Formula 0

I'm going to start by saying I never played Saints Row 1 & 2. That said, I really don't give a shit. Whatever those games were, it doesn't matter now one bit. Saints Row: The Third flipped the script on open world sand box games, and can not be deemed anything but a game changer.First off, the story is ludicrous. The 3rd Street Saints are celebrities that have been relocated to the city of Steelport. As you would expect the Saints are now competing with these rival gangs to control the city....

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Underwhelming and a Big Step Back 0

Some in atmosphere spacefaringGuerilla Games is a first-party studio buy those dudes over at Sony. Killzone has been their flagship franchise since the release of Killzone on the PS2. Killzone was by no means a bad game, but suffered from being a bit too saturated and dull. Fast forward to 2009, and the release of KIllzone 2 was a key release for the PS3 early on. The game boasted some crisp visuals along with an engaging multiplayer suite that fueled PSN in the beginning days. Turn your pages t...

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MacDaddy of Video Gaming 0

Front cover.Super Mario Brothers is a classic, without a doubt. The game is superb and justifies the prestige and pedigree to which Mario games are recognized for. If you have five dollars, spend it. You won't regret it.Mario's gameplay is finite and solid. Jumps made are precise, and just feel good. Many platformers have copied Mario's style, but they just can't compete. There's a fluidity to the jumping, and a feeling that cannot be mimicked or copied.Artistically, the colors are saturated, bu...

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