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I got a Producer job at Iron Galaxy

"I don't know anything about game development."

-Me at an interview

I just accepted a job as a Producer at Iron Galaxy, to be specific, a Production Coordinator.

I don't really know how to absorb this. I've been training myself for almost a decade to be a Journalist. I've written tons of things on this site, other blogs, and a newspaper. I even finally managed to cement a permanent gaming column in my local paper.

Growing up I never had much interest in making anything creative. Instead of going to a traditional high school, I went to a trade school and studied film production and got some very basic Directing and Producing training there. But my passion was always in Journalism.

This summer my one internship I had lined up bailed on me and I needed something to do. Anything writing related was either not accepting interns or not returning my phone calls.

At PAX East I asked Dave Lang about some sort internship at Iron Galaxy. Basically I asked if he wanted someone to make coffee for the crew during the summer. It was a half serious discussion, I just thought it would be cool to hang out in Chicago and possibly make some contacts. My only other experience in the game industry is my short Whiskey Media/Giant Bomb internship.

To my surprise he said that he might have something for me. A week later I sent him my resume after I sent it to Time, The Cincinnati Enquirer, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, HBO, Comedy Central, and a bunch of local places. He raised my offer as an intern with Management position at Iron Galaxy's Florida location.

I'm a person that gets excited about new opportunities and jumping in the pool to learn how to swim. I am literally that guy who will do something just to say he did it. Sometimes that's incredibly dangerous. But I'll admit the drag of college made me feel really unproductive and depressed. I'm not dropping college, I'm still signed up for online courses, but that degree will have to take a few extra semesters in trade of establishing a potential career and a fresh experience.

Shortly after a phone interview with five people, Iron Galaxy flew me out for an interview. It was the first time I was flown anywhere for a job other than Afghanistan so it was kind of nice. I'm only 23, so I have never gotten a chance to go anywhere for free. That's when it sunk in this was a Big Boy job. I'm talking 401k's and stuff. Grown up things.

Half way through an interview with senior staff they offered me a Producer job in Chicago. I couldn't agree faster. It's close to my home in Cincinnati and I have more interest in Chicago than Orlando. I always wanted to try a metropolitan area. You know, over priced apartments, cramped living space, cock roach potential, getting shot, and pizza by the slice.

I hope to keep some sorta blog or do some project relating to the early days of my job and go into more detail later. I figured a lot of people want to know how to get into the industry. Is my job desirable? I don't really know. But I know it's frustrating not to have a clear picture of how a job you want works. So I'll try to paint a clear picture later.

If you have any questions, ask them and I'll try to get an answer for you.

This weekend my girlfriend and I are looking at apartments. We'll see how that goes. My start date is later July.

Regardless of me not ever thinking about being in this side of the industry, it's an interesting opportunity. Like all of you, I really like games and respect this business. To have any involvement and opportunities to have the smallest impact is something really special.

When I walked into an office to be interviewed by Dave Lang, I tried to hand him a resume and he responded, "Resumes are stupid!"


Dave Lang was tagged in this picture on Facebook pre-job interview.
Dave Lang was tagged in this picture on Facebook pre-job interview.