Favourite games.

List items

  • My all time favourite. Nothing in gaming has ever matched flying between two gigantic spaceships duking it out while hunting down a weakened enemy fighter.

  • The finest shooter ever made and one of the finest games ever made.

  • How did I leave this out? The height of the RPG, amazing writing, quests and the deepest combat system imaginable courtesy of Dungeons and Dragons rules. Began so many RPG tropes and at the same time has never been surpassed in many of them. Its fantastic romance quests are amazing, Eirie in particular is hearty wrenching and emotionally involving.

  • An incredible game that was way ahead of its time. It was ugly even at the time and it is even worse now but if you look past the exterior you will find one of the richest and most rewarding gaming experiences available.

  • Nothing needs to be said about this game.

  • Terrifying, shocking and original, System Shock 2 has done many things no game has ever tried to do since. Its also contributed a huge amount to Deus Ex which in some ways it is superior to but unfortunately not enough to surpass it in this list.

  • An expansive and fun filled world with some of the best tracks ever to listen to. The game has the usual GTA frustrations but kills them all by being so god damned fun and entertaining.

  • Thrill ride campaign takes up an entertaining six hours but many times that will be eaten away in the thrilling multiplayer battles of Infinity Wards opus.

  • *Boom - Click click* The best shotgun in a game ever and probably the reason I play games. Nothing will ever compare to the first time I played E1M1. The music, the violence, the new perspective - Doom is amazing.

  • All 3 are amazing, the first two especially so. Combining the purest stealth of any game with supernatural terror the first two weave an enthralling story in a bizarre and foreign steam punk world. The third game is criticised too harshly in my opinion (and rightly in some areas, the size of the environments between loads is scandalous) and makes for an exciting stealth adventure.

  • A crazy ott single player combined with an innovative multiplayer with bot support books this overlooked gem a place in my favourites list.

  • Mainly for its multiplayer that me and my cousin played well into the early hours on several occasions.

  • Addictive, funny and had a great sound track. A fantastic skating and trick system meant some serious tiredness after a few all night sessions.

  • The series high point, amazing game from start to finish that amazingly manages to avoid the pit falls that doom the second and fourth game to mediocrity.

  • By far the series highest point, all semblance of restraint was thrown out the window. Dozens of tracks, almost every imaginable car and the possibility to drive a lime green musclecar down the side of a mountain. GT2 sets an almost unreasonably high water mark for driving simulation games.