Games I'll Never Play, Regardless of Critical Acclaim

I'll never play these games. Not because I don't own the systems they're on, but because I'm not buying the bullshit they're selling.
Also, this list is constantly under construction.

List items

  • MW2 is easily the most popular game on XBL. My problem with it stems from the 'whiny bitch' factor of Live. I prefer my online games to have a smaller following of people who aren't dicks. This game's dick-to-tolerable level is too high for me.

  • Pretty much the same thing as MW2, except it was first.

  • The concept of GoW is solid, but it just has an off-putting look to me. Plus, I'm not big on story-driven shooters, with a few exceptions. Plus, I've heard multiple accounts of dickery on the online play. A "my chain is worth more than your house" story.

  • Again, same as the first.

  • Not only was the inventory design stupid, but the game didn't make any huge leaps from 4 (which was an awesome game) and was pretty awful in single player.

  • I've never liked how SF has released the same game over and over, and this is the latest iteration. Also, I'm a much bigger fan of strictly 2D fighters (i.e. Marval vs. SNK 2, Guilty Gear).

  • This is mostly due to my apprehension for story-driven shooters.

  • Same as above.

  • I don't know what it is specifically about this game that I don't like, but I've played the very beginning and thought it was incredibly dull. I felt no reason to continue with it.

  • Kinda the same as the first; lost complete interest at the very beginning.

  • I enjoy Rock Band; I find it's the best party game available, even when I own a Wii. I just think the Beatles are overrated Pop trash. Fuck their songs.

  • Halo has been completely mediocre since the beginning. I honestly don't see the appeal. It's average in just about every aspect.

  • Same as above.