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Our intentions were noble, that is, if we had any intentions to begin with. When this thing started, I didn't know what to think, didn't know how something like this could ever succeed. In the end, I can't say for sure that it didn't. There was no goal, no overall meaning, no lesson to be taken from it. We just showed up and put our time in, then slept it off at the end of the day. Hell, I got as much from it as you did. We took the risks, and jumped the hurdles, and look where it got us, look at the things we've accomplished. And yet...

Think of what we couldve done, what could have become of us. A ragtag group of outcasts, not worthy of the normal life, not content to be silent in the face of whats right and wrong. We had our own brand of justice, and we delivered it, time and time again. So, who's to say we were the wrong ones? Who's to say we aren't the victors? They already tell our stories, you know. Living legends in our own respect.

But what if? What If there was more time? What if we hadn't succumb to the new age? What if we kept true to our path and fought for what we all knew was right? I ask you gentlemen, what if we hadn't thrown it all away, for the fame and the infamy, the controversy and the ignominy. What of it?

I think, if given the chance, we'd all do it over again, and no one can take from us what we rightfully earned. However temporary it was, we can always hold dear the memories of our struggle, and may we never forget that no matter how different we all were, here we are one in the same