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    Within a Deep Forest

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 01, 2006

    Players control The Ball, Dr. Cliché's failed attempt in making a bomb. Now someone has activated his second attempt and players must stop him.

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    Within a Deep Forest is a PC platformer developed entirely by Nicklas Nygren under the moniker of Nifflas. The game available for download for free from here


    Within A Deep Forest is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world in which few survived. One who did survive however was the infamous Dr. Cliché who built a time machine to travel back in time and stop his most horrible deed yet - an underwater lab with the most powerful bomb the world has ever seen, a bomb so powerful, should it ever explode, it would freeze the whole world, killing all existing life on the planet. When the game starts, someone has activated the bomb. The bomb itself is actually the second attempt to create a bomb since the first one resulted in the creation of a ball.


    Pinewood Heights

    Pinewood Heights is essentially the hub world for the game. From here players can select numerous balls and enter the levels.

    Harara Mountains

    The Haraha Mountains are the introductory plains where the character learns to control the ball. A basic tutorial level which hides a secret level.

    Shinock Reign

    Shinock Reign is known as the "Spider level", where players have to hit a certain number of switches to unlock a path for a spider to reach.

    This level unlocks the "Iron Ball"

    Ljus and Utopica

    As players progress through Ljus, players will unlock Utopica. Utopica is a very stylized level with a special mechanic. The entire level is constructed by wirework, and the player has to consistently readjust their vision to land on the correct color of platform.

    This level unlocks the "Yoga Ball"

    Markstone Ridgemine

    The Markstone Ridgemine level is the mine cart level. Reminiscent from the Donkey Kong mine cart levels, and the infamous Battletoads hoverbike level. The shortest level ingame.

    This level unlocks the "Glass Ball"

    That Hover Thing

    That Hover thing takes part in an alien spaceship. Navigating zero gravity and laser traps are poignant in this level.

    This level unlocks the "Alien Ball"

    Cheese Moon

    The "Lunar moon cheese extraction factory" is a level set on the moon, however it follows the rumor that the moon is made of cheese. Mice are present in the levels, and the main obstacle are giant fans and acid pits.

    This level unlocks the "Rubber Ball"

    Crystal Path

    Crystal Path is a level which appears to be set in a mine. With numerous lasers and small settlements, the primary ball to be used in here is the Glass ball, as it's the only ball capable of bypassing lasers.

    This level unlocks the "Pathetic Ball"


    Shadowlands is similar to the early Megaman games, in which it features disappearing platforms. The objective of Shadowlands is to traverse a giant tower, so a bouncy ball is the best ball to use in here.

    This level unlocks the "Cold/Freeze Ball"

    The Future

    To get to the future, players must use the cold ball to get in the time machine. The Future is the future where the bomb went off, and froze the world. The cold ball is the only ball to use here, as it's the only one able to withstand the temperature.

    This level unlocks the "Flying Ball"

    Secret Lab

    The Secret Lab is the final level ingame, where the ball "Encounters" Dr Cliché. The objective is to enter a code to disable the bomb.

    The Ball

    The ball, can be transformed into different substances with various materials found in the landscape. In the game, the ball can be killed by hazards such as spikes, water and lava. There are also creatures who can kill the ball. Players will spawn at a warp spot upon dying.


    • Iron Ball: The Iron ball is the heaviest ball in the game, and is used to break through cracked rocks and get through fans
    • Yoga Ball: The Yoga ball is incredibly versatile, and feels like moving in slow motion. Very bouncy.
    • Glass Ball: The glass ball is very fragile, and will shatter at the slightest touch, however, it is the only ball that can pass through lasers.
    • Alien Ball: The alien ball is the earliest "Super bouncy" ball. Not as good as the rubber ball but useful early on
    • Rubber Ball: The rubber ball is the bounciest ball in the game, and lets the player reach untold heights. Not particularly useful, but ultra bouncy.
    • Pathetic Ball: The pathetic ball is the only ball capable of getting into the secret lab.
    • Cold Ball: The cold ball is only used for "The Future", as it's the only ball capable of withstanding the incredible cold. Similar to the regular ball.
    • Flying Ball: The flying ball does what it says on the tin. By holding the "Up" key, the player can propel themselves through the air and fly.

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