I just heard 2 gun shots, and now sirens..

There really isn't a whole lot more to say tbh. This blog is mainly to archive, when (now) and where (outside) I heard it.. well just in case the cops decide to start asking questions...I guess? I did briefly hear a woman talking complaining about something outside just before it happened, yet it's more than likely unrelated as the shots sounded like they were down a block or two, and she was across my street talking on a phone. (nothing was seen, just heard out of my window) I couldn't hear her after it went down, so either she got hit... or she's a ninja.

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Crazy stuff. Guess I'll just read the paper in the morning : /


All is well again in the world.... of PSN. (for now)

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 While I'm sure there's a plot scheming in the back of someones mind, I can't help but feel a bit relieved that downloaded content is once again available for those of us who didn't take the time to re-download games to a new PS3 console. It really helps as a reminder that with this digital downloading future, it all can be gone in a slight 'poof'. 
In a way I'm glad it's happened at this point, rather than finding out at a point in which the majority of content is made as a download only option. Hopefully, companies will take the time to really learn from this and keep a close eye on protecting valuable information, and provide ways to recoup lost data more effectively. Everyone makes mistakes, and while it shouldn't happen, the inevitable nature of progression will be constantly challenged. 
I really just wanted to clear the air a bit, and thank everyone for understanding the nature of this business. At Giant Bomb I was pretty impressed with the way we all kind of came together and didn't turn this all into a immature console war. I honestly saw X360 users truly give a damn, regardless of their stance.. and for that it's appreciated. No one likes a terrible gaming experience resulting from a YLOD, RROD, or breach of information and loss of service. 
Props GB community. 
PS I love you.

Epic > quarter life crisis: Do I train MMA, or take up hockey?

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I've always wanted ever since I was a wee little one to play hockey, and love the sport to death.. but back in the day my parents couldn't afford the costs associated with it, and so I never did fulfill that dream. That said, I want to get some skates and test the waters. If anything, I could always join an old timer league (even though i'm only 28) and get some fun out of it.  While I don't expect to be a pro, and I would have to learn to stop on skates, I think the rest I could pick up on pretty well.

 kiks ruuuule
 kiks ruuuule
  On the other hand, I've always been super competitive and always had this feeling that I'd be good in MMA. When I was a kid I grew up taking Taekwondo lessons for over 3 years, and excelled pretty well at it. I've never been a wrestler, but think my ground instincts would kick in.. and technique is something I can learn. I watch The Ultimate Fighter, and it just gets me super pumped... I do tend to know pretty good stand up technique, and think it'd lend itself well.

So here in lies my dilemma. I think either one would get me motivated to be the best I can be, and would give a fresh thing to get excited about. It's probably crazy to say, but I miss the ass whooping nature of having to train, and want to get my lazy butt in shape so I can feel good physically / spiritually. Both of these options are just fun ways to do it.  What should I do Giant Bomb? I know alot of you are athletes, and can help me put things into perspective.  
 Doesn't look so tough, eh?
 Doesn't look so tough, eh?


Hockey Pros:    
                                                                                                                                     MMA Pros:
- Finally play one of my favorite sports                                                                                                    - I have a knack for fighting and being smart about technique
- I like cool climates, and year round ice is nice in summer                                                                      - If I did end up getting decent, event shows arn't hard to enter
- I have a buddy who took up being a goalie a couple years back                                                           - low start up cost

Hockey Cons:                                                                                                                                         MMA Cons:
-Expensive                                                                                                                                                 - I'm super out of shape, and would need to train like a mofo
- It's not as competitive as MMA from a training stand point                                                                       - I may or may not have anyone to train with or learn from currently
- It's just for fun (which means i'll most likely never get to play on a real amateur team)                            - Right now I don't have health insurance, so I'd have to be careful

And just to let you guys know, right now I'm 5'10" 240lbs.. (i need to cut alot of weight for either although I used to weigh 265, but have been in my best shape at 185, so getting to the 205-210 would be my goal for mma or hockey.)

Calypso Time

Are any of you excited?

   I have totally forgotten all about Twisted Metal coming out.. from videos in the past i didn't really care as much as I do right now. Sure the latest trailer has been out for awhile, and maybe the graphics aren't taking first priority according to the in game footage, but I cannot stress enough the actual look / sound of the game is exactly what it should be.


FMV's in the preview look cheezy and fantastic, the almost nu-metal all over in your face.. man I felt like I'd taken a step back in time. For those of you with PS3's and keeping up the hope, and for those of you crazy enough to still buy one.. what do you think? I mean like Jeff said, are we ready for a car combat game or is that just plain done? Personally I think it's something we need to see more of again. Why not? Alot of us are getting bored with the standard types of games out now. I think Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 would be a warm welcome. I'm still skeptical if it'll be any good, but I know now that I'm ready... what about you?

 if you know one of my favorite art styles is 80's/90's pop art.. especially on characters designed to be completely opposite. So thus I bring you the stages of Calypso from almost beginning to finish. Baraka started this way, and he's hard to trade, but once I saw Calypso laughing in dark red with glowing eyes, it was done and done.  I guess for those of you reading this, I do want to ensure you don't forget me! I've only really changed my avatar once. hahahahahaha?

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Are any of you excited for the NHL playoffs?

  Normally I'm pretty excited about hockey in general... This year I will be even more of a nervous wreck than I was last year however. Last year wasn't a big deal, as the Philadelphia Flyers snuck into the playoffs with a win over the New York Rangers..   


  Little did I think they'd actually have a shot at the cup and make it to game 6 in the finals, in a crushing blow in OT.. dealt by none other than Patrick Kane.  Again this year will be different. We have high hopes.. high expectations. We're currently seated #1 in the Eastern Conference, and are expected to make another solid run for the cup this year. This worries me because I think Philly flourishes being the underdogs, and is really a team that needs to prove something in order to be successful. Mentally for the Flyers, this may not happen until they meet Vancouver (which currently holds the best season record, and is expected to be in the cup finals as well)  and may never happen, if they don't play like every single game is their last. 
 Our weakness of late (past 2 months) is our touted defense, and goaltending. Bobs and Boosh were both off to a great start this season, really giving us the feeling that we were finally complete. We picked up a few more defensemen so we could give Pronger some much needed rest.. and it was looking goood. This however has not been the case. With the defense caving at times, Bobs letting soft goals by, and Boosh remaining inconsistent (having yet to record a single shutout).. it's hard to say what the future will hold. 
 While I try to just think of it as "just a game".. it's not. It's more than that... it's bringing home that cup, it's achieving the golden goose. Without that, it's going to be extremely tough to face next year without feeling a little demoralized. That said.. the time is now. Raise your orange, black, and white with me, The broad street bullies need to reign supreme!                   -Good ol Hextall-
 So those of you hockey fans out there... are your teams prepared for the playoffs? Who do you like, and what are your thoughts? 

What makes a tough, legitimitely fair game, unacceptable?

 Let me ask you your opinion about the idea of: "Everyone with a dollar should be able to dictate a product, and what that product does, after purchase"?  I'd more than likely reply different if I were on the spectrum of needing to turn a profit from a developer stance,.. but i'd say no. Now I will say, if a developer decides this is acceptable and does it with no regrets, then ok. Some of you might feel this is a cop-out to have a larger user base.. and some of you may see it as a good thing letting others experience the joy of the game. One unlikely example I would place on the table would be Jeopardy.  Would you want to see a Easy, Normal, and Hard mode? Or would that compromise the integrity about what that game is all about?
Did GTA IV or RDR prove unfair? No, and possibly yes. It (like every game out there) didn't allow for an option to think otherwise before you purchased the game either. If you wanted to make it more difficult, you had to do that on your own. If (like Jeff) you arn't really into the Wild West setting.. but love Rockstar games.. should you have a right to get your money back? Yea. But does it mean we change the game?  Were there people probably bored with the fact that it wasn't a challenge? Probably. I didn't see much problem in that to be honest.. but i'd rather get my monies worth by still trying to beat it today.. Is that fair to me? Well then you'd probably say... don't buy it then. And here is where the issue flips. Some of us play for the challenge/competition. Should I have a say in that there should be a harder mode and that it's too easy.. so they better change the game? Hell no, and I wouldn't expect them to. If I don't like it.. maybe I should research into the game/ previews/ reviews etc. Isn't that why we're here in the first place? And isn't it somewhat our responsibility to bring the uninformed to this site.. for this very reason? 
 And again touching on what you guys said earlier.. here in lies the problem. 
Instead of helping these guys overcome feats, some of us generally tend to sit on our high horses and boast. It certainly doesn't make it right, or comforting when ask for their help... but,  I'd be willing to bet they'd see that you really want to get good, and would be more likely to lend a few tips..instead of just complain, then state how dumb the game is because they don't have ALL DAY to practice it. Does anyone really have a problem with tough trophies or achievements? And should developers make them easier.. because I won't feel complete until I get 100% or an S ranking? To me.. this also feels like a part of the experience but I don't hear too many people complaining about it. Should we have to achieve all the trophies/achievements to "beat" a game? Well again, that depends on how the game is made. I would think in the Sonic Genesis Collection, that might actually work. Some other games, it may not. But, what dictates a greater scale for an objective over an achievement? 
 If you have a job/or have homework. It's completely normal for us to have a scarce amount of downtime. But when a specific game isn't completely based around a huge amount of depth, in terms of different facets to explore or missions to work on.. it's just compromising part of the soul within that product, to appeal to more people.  And yea, I do believe it compromises part of the appeal, when it's given an option to be altered. This really isn't a black or white issue. I know that's hard to believe, but I am willing to bet there are people who can't beat a game.. and feel that it should still be that way. Is it something they asked for? probably not.. but, I bet they'll feel damn good should they decide (in-between 5 hour release campaigns, selling for 60 bucks) to give it another whirl and finally succeed after a couple more weeks of time with the game.  Should this same game / feeling be accessible to anyone with a console? Should every game be for everyone, and if not, does it baffle you when it's not?  
 I know I keep resorting to Demon's Souls.. and I know i'm not winning any fans in the GB community for stating my thoughts on this matter, or a contradiction to the simple idea of (you have yours, they have theirs..move on) .. But hear me out... if that game had a difficulty setting, how many people would have chosen an easier setting.. just to play out the story? What does A GOD possess if they're easily trumped by someone whom just sat down to this game 45 mins ago? This game isn't based on much of a story.. so it'd cheese the whole experience. I think the same goes for Catherine. Now, i'm not an expert on the background of Catherine.. but from what i've seen in the limited preview of the demo/news... I'm assuming it's a game not entirely too deep, beyond the puzzles and story. I am assuming to some extent the actual core/content or purpose of the game might just be a roadblock for what they'd paid for, and if it's not worth warranting the free time they do have to want to figure out the the item they've purchased, In some cases, It just seems like it's too easy to miss the part of the point.. and even easier to back down. A puzzle or pattern isn't meant to be easy, neither is getting a thought out of your head.. especially if you're having nightmares about these said puzzles.. Again, I don't think every game needs to punish everyone, or become a puzzle..but when it does I'd rather see more research before shelling out money, than someone with a dollar complaining after the fact.
In conclusion..... 
Where does it end? 
Should we make all games accessible for everyone? 
Do Mature / Teen  / Everyone ratings have a place in this discussion also? Or should we have mature games with water guns? and Sesame Street games with guns/explosives?  My point being.. where does the catering end? Do we incorporate text to speech for all JRPGS in which reading is involved, for the blind? Do we have characters use sign language in all games, for the deaf? Why not? Or should it be a developers decision to implement these ideas?
Your thoughts, comments, and concerns are greatly appreciated. This post is mostly a one sided view, with respect to those who feel against it, or don't really care enough to question the direction games could/are taking in the industry. I know has been touched on many times already. If you don't really care.. then that's your prerogative.
Thank you for taking the time to read this cool story, bro.


Wooo feels good to finally be a member!

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After a debate of when I should sign up, I came to the conclusion that the time is now. 
What put this decision over the top? 
I realized that I don't need more out of a membership. I can honestly say, I feel like we're treated like adults here.. the content is funny.. and the talent of artists within the community on this site is just amazing. I  respect the thoughts and opinions of the migrated crew, as well as the pre-existing WM crew.
I was initially putting off signing up because I don't have a capable phone for accessing the mobile site, or a computer that can handle HD properly. I did read a few comments about not getting enough "bang for their buck" somewhere.. so the thought of  $4.25/mo ideally just meant i'd be buying them 1 whiskey-coke  to share, a month. The T-Shirt is just a thanks. 
I really am not trying to make anyone feel bad, I just feel great finally contributing and felt like sharing. After all, I don't have a date tonight.. and have recently stopped drinking.. so I have a few extra dollars today. Happy Valentines!



  God I was looking back at some old blogs i'd posted on Gamespot, and came across this video of Jeff, in the whole conspiracy debacle. If you haven't checked out this video, you probably should.