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Just Cause 2 is brilliant.

So it's been a while since I've played a game that has been on my brain while I'm doing other things.  I think Rock Band may be the last one that has struck me with that affliction, and Pokemon HeartGold does a good job staying with me, but that's just because the Pokewalker is physically staying with me.  However, Just Cause 2 is making me angry that I have a real life.  I think the major reason why is that I want to be doing what Rico does, cause he's hardcore.  I want to shoot dudes with a revolver from 1000 feet away.  I want to base jump from the highest mountain only to use my grapple hook on the ground to survive the fall.  I want people to chant my name as I blow up things in succession.  Is this a cry for help?  Is my desire to create CHAOS(wordz on fire) a desperate plea for attention?  Maybe so, but the journey so far is awesome.  All that saying if you haven't played this game, play that shit.