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Favorite games of all time

Games that over the years gave me such a warm fuzzy that I still hold them close to my heart.

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  • This game impressed me to no end when I first saw it and I never beat it. Game was damn near impossible.

  • This game improved somewhat on the first in that it was a little easier but still damn near impossible. Both games have great music but this ones was a little better in my opinion.

  • This eventually beat out my sheer love of SF2 Turbo Championship edition as my all time favorite SF franchise game.

  • As a whole Ultima 7 was just mind blowing to me at the time. It was weird to see a game split up into 2 full games but the story was so ungodly huge that I didn't care. Long time fans of the series got to see some plot threads from the early days of Ultima show up and get (somewhat) resolved, or at least addressed. The amount of back story and history given to the world was staggering also. It's too bad the game pretty much stopped being great here. 8 was a mess and 9 could have been great had it not also been a mess.

  • Still my favorite JRPG of all time in terms of plot and character development. Doesn't hold up anymore, and not just because of the graphics. The random encounter combat system has long since been deemed, stupid, and dropped by most games to the point that when you play old games that still have it in there it's severely annoying.

    Still the game has an awesome plot and the materia system was really cool and innovative at the time.