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Interesting Events from the Giant Bomb Community: P4 ER Ep. 50

The reactions to the lateness of DP ER BR-10 has reminded me of a time a year ago when the Persona 4 Endurance Run hit Episode 50 ("Yo fiddy, hit that big ass persona!"). The episode did not show up after a massive hype buildup caused by the P4 players on the forums and comments. It was learned that the Episode 50 video file was corrupted and potentially lost forever. The Giant Bomb community erupted in an unprecedented mass panic. The Behind the Scenes of Ep. 50 video tided some of us over, but the comments on that video displayed the mass hysteria that was going on. Some thought that it was the end of the P4 Endurance Run. Eventually, sometime later, Giant Bomb salvaged the episode using an expensive program that they bought online. All was well with the world. In the end the comments in the Behind the Scenes were too many too count, and they were deleted or reseted back to zero (there is eight at the time of this writing). Thus, was another Interesting Event in the History of the Giant Bomb community.   

Do you guys remember this day? Where were you when this happened? What was your reaction?