Can't Wait to Play Games of 2010

The games of 2010 that I currently can't wait to play. I'll add more as the year goes on because there are always a few surprises that come out of nowhere and turn out to be awesome.

List items

  • Mass Effect was an amazing game, especially the story and certainly graphics wise. Bioware have an amazing ability to be able to create a whole new universe which you quickly feel has always been there. The immersion in the story of Mass Effect really drove me forward and although the game was far from perfect, the few niggles like the Mako driving mechanics fortunately didn't detract from the overall experience. With a flood of impressive reviews filling me with confidence and its immanent release I'm bursting to see this in action.

  • I'm a big Halo fan. Books, anime, games, encyclopaedias, you name it throw it my way. I might not buy all of it, but keep it coming and give me the option of what to reject. Games wise the Halo series to me has always been intriguing and a big part of the experience has been the story. Sure it's an FPS and many people probably skip the story, but for those that soak it in they gain the most from the series. Then of course there is the multiplayer which in terms of Halo 3 is still going strong on Xbox Live and I continue to play to this day. With beta access assured through the ODST disc and the full games release at year end, Microsoft's claim of biggest game of the year certainly rings true for me, even if that doesn't mean the same thing to Microsoft.

  • Fallout 3 is a game that consumed me. It took me about 8 hours to get into it, in fact I really didn't like it at all when I was initially thrown out into the Capital Wasteland but after forcing myself to play a little longer I suddenly found myself 70 hours in and enjoying it without question. In fact I am still playing it, with the offer of half price expansions just before Christmas I bought the ones I didn't have and have returned to the wasteland once more. A new Fallout game needless to say is going to be welcomed.

  • Having played what was known in the UK as Fahrenheit but Indigo Prophecy in US and finding it to be one of the most enjoyable games I played of the decade, I can't wait to actually see how Quantic Dream have expanded upon the formula they laid down and used the power of the next generation to push things forward. Having played this at the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds back in October what I saw worried me as it seemed much the same. Although it still looked awesome it worries me that it might be a great game with a great story that doesn't really do much in the way of innovation.

  • I am not a big fan of the Call of Duty series. I think the campaigns (with the exception of COD4) have become stale and the multiplayer with all its perks a little too casual for my liking. Which is why Battlefield Bad Company 2 looks to satisfy my more hardcore gaming desires. I wasn't a huge fan of the campaign in Bad Company, but this looks to have rectified some of the issues I felt the first Bad Company suffered from. Hopefully this turns out to have both a great multiplayer and campaign, fingers crossed.

  • Oh Crackdown! You came as if from nowhere and turned out to be one of the best games this generation. The actual story was relatively unimportant and most of your time spent finding agility orbs so you could climb that Agency Tower with ease, but it somehow offered countless hours of enjoyable entertainment. Once played in co-op it opened up even more longevity. Crackdown 2 may be from a different developer, but one that also pretty much houses a considerable number of the original Crackdown team so my hopes that this will surpass the original are still high.

  • Have you played the E3 demo? It looks great, plays great and is undoubtedly God of War. Little else has really been seen in action besides that demo, but it's a strong demo and hopefully the finished product maintains that relentless action.

  • Other than those initial concept screens I know very little about this title and considering Bethesda's record as publisher has been less impressive than as a developer this could turn out poor. What exactly draws me towards this game I have no real idea, hopefully it turns out to be a real surprise.

  • The Fable series has promised a lot and always under delivered. However the games have always been enjoyable and with the potential for Natal support in the next iteration along with the ability to become king this is a definite purchase.

  • A nuclear wasteland and for once this game isn't set in the USA. It turns out that the Russians did some planning during the Cold War and their underground railway system turns out to be an absolutely massive network of nuclear bunkers. The story takes place following the events of a nuclear war, but from the Russian side of the fence and in 2033 we join one of those bunkers and find out what the results of nuclear war are and what nasties the radiation has created. I'm looking forward to this one, hopefully it turns out well.

  • Forget The Godfather games, this will be the true gangster simulator. Grand Theft Auto is larger than life and mostly comedic in nature, but Mafia II looks gritty, dark and pretty much true to the reality of life as a member of a crime family. It has been a long time coming and I really want this to live up to the expectations I have placed upon it.

  • Yes it's already on store shelves. Yes it's getting universal acclaim from the gaming press, but most of the people I know just don't seem to get Bayonetta. This has actually turned out a benefit to me as one friend who proclaims this to be 'worst game ever' is willing to sell me it at half the cost because 30mins of boredom was enough to decide he hated it. As of Monday morning it'll be in my possession and I'll be battling the sexy little witch through countless over the top boss characters.

  • I never really got around to playing the first game and only played it on a two day rental without really get into it. The follow up looks a lot more interesting and hopefully will turn out to be great even if there have been rumours of unrest within the Rockstar development team.

  • Max Payne was great. It was the first game I remember with a Matrix style bullet time mechanism and felt cooler for it. The sequel was a bit iffy which really was a result of not much changing and I didn't feel the story was quite as impressive. With Rockstar at the helm new life will surely be injected into Max Payne III.

  • Premature apocalypse?? The idea of it! Caused not by human hand is something that draws me in. Looking like a God of War clone the more I see of it, the reviews seem positive overall and although I may not purchase and play this immediately it will definitely be something I get around to playing through the course of this year once it drops a little in price.

  • The first game was ok, the second I have no idea having never experienced it, so why am I interested in the third? Looking more and more like the spiritual successor to Shen Mue is enough. The Shen Mue series may have failed commercially, but for those that experienced the games long for the completion of the story and a final Shen Mue game to clear things up. Seeing as that just isn't likely to happen, this will have to do. That said Yakuza 3 is certainly looking good and looks like a worthy alternative to an actual Shen Mue release.

  • The first game was awesome. You'll hear similar words from anyone who played the first game and it's sad that more people didn't purchase the original because this sequel would have arrived a lot sooner. In fact it's still in doubt that this will ever actually arrive let alone this year but hope is something we all live on.

  • I have an overbearing feeling of doom when I think about AvP. I fear it just won't live up to expectations and will almost certainly turn out to be nothing more than slightly above average. Maybe it's just the films that have tarnished my view of the franchise, but it's enough to worry me about this next game. Fingers cross my instincts are totally wrong.