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If you needed Prove Ranked mode means nothing I have it

So I was playing ranked mode working on getting characters to C rank for the god forsaken achievement. So I started on ken and my first match was a mirror match my 0 BP ken vs this guys 3200 BP ken. I think great im gonna get shit on. But match starts and this guy turns out to be a mashing whore  who jumps around like a tard, and I end up raping him like he is my prison bitch. I laugh at him and bask in my victory over this jackass, and keep playing.
Then of course things must come full circle and a few matches later I play a 800BP blanka. He is a random ass crap blanka but the universe take pleasure in kicking me in the nuts. I make some dumbass mistakes and lose then in a bit of  irony this lame ass blanka sends me a message. Calling me a scrub ken. I love it.
So for anyone who thinks there badass cause they have so much PP or BP or ranked so high. Trust me thats not saying a whole lot. Your basically the best student in special-ed class. The opposite is true as well if you think you suck cause your lose in ranked mode. You probably don't random ass scrubs win sometimes it happens.
Ranked mode means shit my friends play it to get the dumb shit achievement thats about it.


Gambit vs Stang

Recorded a few matches between me and Stang last night.. We had some really good matches with most of them being nail biters. Stangs ken was pretty much out poking me all night and I paid for it (damn that Foward medium kick), and I swear ken's crouching medium kick is faster then ryu's I'll have to ask Ultima for some frame data lol. We had alot of great matches and alot of fun.


Ryu combo video

A friend of mine gave me a webcam today so I figured I would try it out and make a short ryu combo video the quality isn't great ofcourse and I need to find something decent to set the cam on. But this might be something I use to record some matches till I can get a decent capture device. Also one of my usb ports on my computer is busted so I can't have a mic and the cam plugged in at the same time so I added some music. I had this uploaded on youtube but the fuckers said the music was a copyright infringment and it had no audio so I went to viddler.


Got an arcade stick today

Well went to a buddy's house today and he wanted to go over to gamestop to trade in a few games. I hadn't   been to gamestop in a while so figured why not. Well while I was there I saw they had 1 street fighter IV arcade stick for sell and decided I had to have it. I like the stick its got some nice features and the button layout is great. The buttons themself aren't great but are ok. The real problem I have with the stick is I really hate the joystick. It just doesn't feel right and is stiff. This is something I will have to replace and will probley do the same with the buttons.

Now to say its been awhile since I used a stick is an under statement its been years. So far it's not like riding a bike its pretty discouraging to feel like im learning to play the game all over again. It may be a cop-out but I think some of this has to do with the crappy joystick on it. Ofcourse most of it is my lack of practice with a stick. But i'm determined to get good with an arcade stick, because I know i'll be a better player for it. There's a reason why top players don't use a controller or a fightpad for that matter. I know i'll never be a top player, but I do want to get the best I can at the game and I feel using an Arcade stick will help me do that.


Go For Broke 3 360 Tournament 4/26/09

This weeks tourny didn't run quite as smoothly as last weeks. Was still alot of fun although we had a few people that didn't make it. Bronx Titan won the tourny this week I managed to come in second and Imperious Rix took third. I'll ofcourse will be hosting another tourny next sunday, and I would really like to see some more people sign up. We are all just wanting to have some fun so check the Street fighter 4 forums and sign up.


Go For Broke 2 360 Tournament 4/19/09

Was great tournament this week had about the same number of people turnout for this as we did the last one, but I think this one ran much smoother then the last tourny. Had some great matchs I got knocked out pretty early hopefully I'll be playing a little better for the next one. I think everyone liked the format better this time around, but ofcourse if anyone has some ideas for the next tourny let me know.

FluxWaveZ came in first place congrats. Bronx Titan took second, and MB came in third although he had to drop out cause he wasn't feeling well. Go for Broke2 this link will show how all the rounds of the tournament played out. Hope everyone enjoyed it and I'll make a post about the next tournament soon enough.


Can't wait for Saturday

I'll be going to the Alabama Crimson Tides' A-day game saturday. I can't wait to see the team in action, and get an idea of how the tide is gonna be next year. Football season can't get here fast enough. Only down side is going to be the massive hangover i'll have for the Go for Broke tournament sunday lol.


Go for Broke Tournament

Go for Broke Street fighter 4 tournament played out today. All went pretty well had a couple hiccups but nothing to bad. I'm hoping we get a better turn out next time, and get the tourny stream lined a little. Congrats to BagManForHire on winning well done Sir.