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Grim, Dark, Great 0

Warhammer 40,000. The venerable science-fantasy franchise, 25 years old and counting, finally receives a big-budget action game worth playing. However good that recommendation might be on it's own, though, know this: as good as Space Marine truly is, it's also beset by a surprising variety of smaller problems that take a little away from the grandeur of what Relic has built.Titus, an original Space Marine - accept no imitationsAt it's heart, Space Marine is a basic third-person action game that ...

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A Historic Strategy Experience 0

The Total War series returns to its roots with the latest entry, a new game using the same setting as the original Total War game in 2000. It's been over a decade since that first release, and the Total War games have exploded in popularity since then. I'm happy to say that not only does the new game live up to modern expectations, but also does great tribute to it's Japanese setting and the original title that started the series.Battles are fantastic in both scale and intensityLike all the Tota...

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Cyberpunk's Finest Game 0

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is more or less a "true" sequel to the original Deus Ex game created by Eidos back in 2000, even though this one is actually a prequel. The original game, which I have not yet played as of this writing, is considered one of the best PC games of all time. It was then followed up by a sequel, Invisible War, which was almost universally considered a massive disappointment. This entry is a far better game than I anticipated; it succeeds on almost every front and manages to ...

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Not Evolved Enough 0

Working through the inevitable backlog of games that develops during Steam's sales, I came upon this title for a considerable discount about half a year ago. While the Front Mission name is certainly one that carries a lot of weight with me, and I do have a seriously soft spot for giant mechs, neither of those things is enough to recommend Front Mission: Evolved to anyone else. It's just not that good.They're not mechs, they're not panzers - they're WanzersThe original, true Front Mission series...

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Dated in a Good Way 2

Toy Soldiers: Cold War is the follow up to the original Toy Soldiers on Xbox Live, trading in the World War 1 theme for a 1970's/1980's focus on the conflict between the USA and USSR. The change in theme is embraced fully by virtually every aspect of the game, and proves to be one of the most successful enhancements Signal has made to the already-impressive precedent set by the WW1 version.The game is fundamentally the same; waves of enemies will attack your position, charge past, and try to tak...

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Initial Review of a Free MMO 0

This is my second MMO review. It's also my second free-to-play review. Coming straight out of Russia, Allods online is a fantasy MMO that is also free-to-play. What really makes Allods online stand out, however, is the fact that this is almost uncannily like World of Warcraft, Blizzard's own blockbuster fantasy MMO. Regardless I was interested when I heard this comes from Nival interactive, the same company that has brought us the recent Heroes of Might and Magic games. Allods opens with ...

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Good Game, Gorgeous Graphics 0

Once again, I jumped on this game during a Steam sale... and it sat on my hard drive for 4 months before I got around to playing it. As I work through a backlog of games I've bought, but haven't yet played, I can definitely say Just Cause 2 stands out as something pretty spectacular. This is one of the most - if not THE most - over the top games I have ever played. But before I get into my reasoning, I'd better start with the basics. When I said spectacular in the above paragraph, I wasn't...

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Warhammer 40k's Best RTS is Back 0

When Dawn of War II entered it's second expansion, I had already pre-ordered it and was waiting with bated breath. I love this series and Dawn of War II: Retribution didn't disappoint. This time it's a completely stand-alone game that includes six races, a fully cooperative single-player campaign, and multiple competitive multiplayer modes. Relic's been one of my favorite companies for a while now, and the original Dawn of War is pretty much the best Warhammer 40,000 game ever made; the s...

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Great Start for a F2P MMO 0

You might have seen it on banners around the internet... yet another free game that you've never heard of before, and they want you to play it. Most people would've have dismissed it by then, and not without good reason; with very few exceptions, most free-to-play games aren't worth your time and, ultimately, any of your money. However, this time, I considered things a little differently. You could say the name "World of Tanks" is what stopped me in my tracks ( LOL PUN). I read a little and deci...

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Solid Shooter, Lots of Interesting Twists 0

Before you ask, I have no idea what S.T.A.L.K.E.R. actually stands for. This is a game I saw on a Steam sale a couple months ago for about $20, in a pack that actually included this game's predecessor S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl. I jumped on the deal, downloaded the game, and proceeded to ignore it until a couple weeks ago. Now that's I've finished the game, I have to say, Call of Pripyat was definitely worth the price. You start with a suit, a gas mask, and an AKU; welcome to the Z...

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Batman would look elsewhere... 0

So, I'll set up some backstory for this one. My brother bought this game totally out of the blue, a game that I have pretty much decided sucked before I saw or played it. I sat down and tried the first fifteen minutes on his account, and that combined with the fact another of my buddies had it, made me impulse buy. So this game that I decided to get after playing must have been fun, right? It must be a good MMO worth the $50 over Steam and a recurring monthly fee? Right? Meet Enduring Free...

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A War Worth Fighting 0

The Transformers are basically a race of robots that live somewhere out in space on a huge metal planet called - ready for this? - Cybertron. These giant robots are about two stories tall and able to change shape into a vehicle at will. Cybertron is not a peaceful place; there are good robots called Autobots, and bad robots called Decepticons. They hate each other's guts, basically because the Decepticons are evil and want to take control of the planet. Therefore, they are fighting each ...

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Those Who'd Like It, Will Like It A Lot 0

I'm going to start this off with the disclaimer, personal preference is going to play a big part about Infinite Space. Ask yourself: do you like old-school science fiction? Classic space opera about ships, their crews, and the situations they face? Can you deal with old-school RPG elements, like random battles, statistic number-crunching, and a fairly linear design in your games? If so, consider this game. Infinite Space is a story-driven RPG that sees the player embark on an epic quest through ...

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How the West was Won (By Rockstar) 0

Red Dead Redemption is the latest open-world action offering from Rockstar, the same people who brought us Grand Theft Auto and other lesser known titles, and it's a game that - without question - you need to play. Making a direct sequel to a game many had never played was a bit of a risk, but in this case, it's payed off handsomely. Red Dead Redemption will be remembered as one of the best games this console generation has seen, despite a couple technical flaws that crop up here and there as yo...

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Trivial Flaws Mar an Excellent Game 0

Soulcalibur IV could be summarized like this; it's a fighting game, and a great one at that, but it's got some things which might annoy the average player as well as things that'll impress them.The bulk of the game is extremely well done - it looks and plays smooth, each character is unique in appearance and fighting style, it has a lot of strategic depth, and there's finally online play. As a fighting game, it really succeeds with the basic systems as well as additional techniques to make battl...

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