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I can't wait for

The current list of the games I can't wait to play

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  • This game combines some of my very favorite things

    1. Zombie combat

    2. co-op scary gameplay

    3. The Source engine

    L4D simply cannot fail.

  • I'm very iffy on Dead Space. This game seems like a remake of Half Life in so far as the "scientist/engieer/worker trapped in an attack" scenario goes, with the addition of Silent Hill-like scare tactics. That doesn't interest me right off the bat., but the hype around it has been so furious that even I'm excited now. The idea of using everyday implements as weaponry will probably make or break the game. I'm certain there can be some cool drill kill cinematics, but I'm not so sure slowly burning a hole in a eight legged space monster with something similar t o a laser pointer as we've seen in some of the screenshots will be fun.

  • The excellence of this game will be completely decided by how much they choose to dumb the concepts down to attract more players. If Spore amounts to a pac man sim that turns into Playskool My First RTS game, it will be total shit. I'm hoping that they took the daring path and left plenty of challenge in the game for the more hardcore players. I have high hopes.

  • Ubisoft has been making games like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, the HOMM series, and Far Cry for years, consistently proving that no one can render an otherwise superbly interesting game into a boring mess like they can. If this game delivers on the open world, open mission concept it could be a wonderful title. I am very scared at the early videos which show the damage system, which apparently requires you to pull bullets out of your hand every 0.7 seconds. Trying to spice the game that way could really put a damper on the action. I also have a bad feeling that the fire mechanics will fail to deliver.

    Ubi, dont screw up on this one.

  • The sequel to the amazing(ly broken) title S.T.A.L.K.E.R looks very promising. The original game was almost comically bad in some parts. Who can forget the droning zombie stalkers moaning something in Russian that sounded a lot like "Machinezzzz"? What about the bartender who always insists that we "get out of here stalker!"? STALKER had Russian charm that we don't often see in Western games. STALKER was more about being diverse and broad than being technically proficient. We can only hope that Clear Sky maintains that charm while improving on the broken gameplay elements. Only time will tell.