GOTY 2011

List items

  • I really, really liked Oblivion. I really, really liked Fallout 3. So, I sort of assumed that I would really, really like Skyrim. And, well, I did. But it also somehow managed to blow my mind. It has such a vast amount of content, that at times you feel completely overwhelmed. You can set off into the woods, find a cave, a lost mask, a magical sword, a crazy old man, and THEN get to the spot of your quest. It will take many hours for me to finally feel done with Skyrim, and even then, I will want to start again.

  • I never imagined that the sequel to a small, funny puzzle game would turn into something so large and awesome. Many times longer and funnier than the original, Portal 2 is a great puzzle game. Also featuring an amazing, and at times infuriating, co-op, this game has tons of content. One of the best games of the year.

  • The very first Battlefield game that I played was 2142. Since then, I have played every Battlefield game release, excluding BF Heroes. Now, Battlefield 3 is out, and it is awesome. Massive maps, with 64 players, causes some amazing chaos. Planes are flying overhead, buildings are exploding, people are dying, and some sniper in the hills is shooting at you. Oh, there's also a tank coming behind you, shooting at everything that it can see. And that's Battlefield 3.

  • I'm not gonna lie, I went into this year thinking that this would, with out a doubt, be my game of the year. Uncharted 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, but in this...something just felt off. I'm sure reading IGN's 10 review, or Giant Bomb's 5 star review, didn't help as I starting feeling disappointment. And as I went through the amazing set pieces, I couldn't help saying to myself "This would be so much cooler if I didn't know about it." Still, this game is amazing. Like I said before, the set pieces are awe inspiring, and some of the best that I have seen ever. Though the combat is infuriating, it is easy to look past it when there is a great story.

  • If you try to go into this game being completely serious, you are doing everything wrong. This game is just plain fun. It captures that same super fun aspect as Just Cause 2, and it is fun just to go around the city and mess around. Co-op only adds to the experience, and its impossible to not find a broad smile on your face as everything blows up around you and you put on a ridiculous costume.

  • I almost forgot about this game when thinking of my top ten games. But when I remembered it, I got really excited. I really, really like this game. It is one of my favorite racing games ever, and it is incredibly well made. From sleek menus to amazing visuals, this game completely impresses.

  • I really like the first Batman game. Because of that, I came into this with very high expectations, and because of that I felt slightly disappointed at first. As I went, though, I enjoyed this game more and more. Although it doesn't capture the same love that I had for the first game, I still liked it a lot.

  • Although I agree that the once a year Assassin's Creed is starting to wear thin, I still really like Assassin's Creed. There is plenty of stabbing to be had here, and some of the set pieces are really cool. Though I would also like to see them spend two years on one to put in new ideas, I still really enjoy face-and-neck stabbing.

  • I'll admit it; I never played the first Deus Ex. With that out of the way, I can say that I really enjoyed this game. It provides fun stealth, good action, and a cool story line. The "augmentations" feature keeps you wanting to play, and eventually you feel pretty bad ass with your augmentations.

  • This little game came out in January, so by now it should be easy to forget about. But when I was thinking of games that I enjoyed, I immediately thought of this little indie game. It provides great coop and vs play, along with a, at times, funny story to follow. It is also incredibly fun to try to come up with more and more spells to combine.