The wiki submissions not being approved are VERY discouraging

I understand that there are alot of submissions that need to be approved but the fact that it is taking so long is discouraging me and Im sure others from making anymore submissions. I mean I would like to make more submissions but why when they are not going to be approved for who knows how long, it makes me feel whats the point. I would like to be able to say, hey I contributed to that site but when my submissions have been waiting days to be approved its pointless, its like saying you can contribute to the sit but well get around to allowing your contributions within the next year sometime so dont show anyone your contributions because they wont see it. Now on the other hand image submissions have be great, they always get approved right away, except a few that are still pending, but for the most part they go without a glitch. I would just like to see my wiki submissions actually approved and on the site.

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