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GOTY 2012


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  • This game is an emotional roller coaster that captures the hypothetical feel and struggle of a group of humans surviving after such an event. It is extremely engaging and does not let up for a second. Games rarely get me to think and react the way this game has...Heavy Rain is the only game in a similar vein, and this is a much more developed experience.

  • The BEST driving game to come out in 2012. Forza Horizon proves that the Forza formula can be translated to the arcade format and work better than any other game, it sure is pretty too.

  • While the singleplayer serves absolutely no purpose in this game, and is terrible to play, the multiplayer more than makes up for that fact...and also all of the glitches and framerate issues. THE MULTIPLAYER IS FANTASTIC FUN.

  • Who knew a game with so many old school mechanics and philosophies could be so accessible and fun to play in 2012? FTL certainly isn't easy, but it is a lot of fun to play and has a whole lot of replay value.

  • This game is well made, simple, and competitive. You can hop in at any time to compete with everybody currently playing in your language, and while that may sound overwhelming, it is handled very well. A great way to keep your brain sharp and pass the time.

  • Guns. Rpg mechanics. Fun.

  • Late addition because I didn't play it until late December, but this is a quality strategy experience. It's also the kind of game that can demoralize you in a matter of seconds, so while it might not be for everybody, it is worth a play.

  • A new studio created it and ended up with a similar feel. It's clearly a high quality fps, but Halo has never been my favorite franchise.

  • More civilization is never a bad thing. This expansion added religion as well as many new civs, units, and map types. This added a lot to the very deep base game.

  • Soundtrack.