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Power Stone 3!?

Power Stone 3 concept art logo made by chloebs.
Power Stone 3 concept art logo made by chloebs.
I know this topic has been spoken about to death, especially among Power Stone fans, but will Capcom ever give this series another sequel!  I know Capcom changed it's approach to making video games ever since the death of the Arcade and the demise of the SEGA Dreamcast, but this video game has such a fun premise and has maintained a strong following even though the last original video game was released in 2000. The release of Power Stone Collection was a pleasant suprise but this type of games shines best on a home console with friends over or an online feature.  Capcom recently released Street Fighter 4 which shows that there is at least still a little interest in making fighting video games instead of just survival horror and Mega Man games.  The Power Stone series will be having its 10th anniversary this year so lets keep the fire burning. WE WANT POWER STONE 3!

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