Games of the Year 2020

So here we go again... 2020 is over and here are My Games of the Year....

List items

  • This game is more than just another open world title. It is the culmination of a generation of open world design and now with the PS5, probably the most beautiful game on any system.

  • This game is both a technical and story marvel. There is truly nothing like this in any game, ever. It's so much more than the sum of its parts. Every part of the game was obviously a hand crafted masterpiece. It is just so much better than almost anything else out there.

  • I liked this game a lot, it's just kind of sad that they felt the need to stretch out parts of this game rather than making it a little shorter and more impactful.

  • I wasn't too sure about this new direction for my beloved Yakuza Franchise. But my god, this game is fun and different. But just as with so many of the previous games, it's the incredible story that makes this game a must buy.

  • I started this game back in 2019 in early access. I knew how awesome Hades was before it hit big this year. It's a challenging, deep, rogue like that is the only game in this genre I never gave up on. The writing and art are surely major parts of this. But also the choice in combat is also a key piece of the puzzle.

  • This game is an incredible technical achievement. There are parts of this game that look unparalleled on any system at any time. But the core gameplay was cut and pasted from the original for better or worse. Demon's Souls is to this day the only Souls game I've ever beaten and that was back in 2009. Hopefully I can beat it again in 2021.

  • There is so much in Valhalla that is so similar to so many other open world games. It would be very easy to write this game off as just another Assassin's Creed. But there are so many elements, including the great main story and side stories that make Valhalla a cut a part from it's predecessors.

  • So it's not the best Dirt game ever. But it is very good. The visuals are amazing, the music is horrible, and the podcasts are bordering on stupid. But gameplay is king and that's mainly what I love about it.

  • I know that many people have written off this game as being shallow, boring, or just a grind. But this game is beautiful and the gameplay is incredible. I just don't see how people who say gameplay above all else cannot like this or love this game. I loved it practically from the start.

  • So while the console versions came out very broken. The PC version, while also very buggy. Is more than playable. I've had so much fun playing Cyberpunk. I certainly can't wait for the future of this game. But while it's not the #1 game of the year for 2020. I think we are seeing the future of games here and Cyberpunks message to us is,

    "Your Hardware is NOT PREPARED!"