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Upcoming games that I'm looking forward to.

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Slightly outdated list now, but I'm super bored and I'm " creepin' " through the profiles of people I follow. :P

I'm looking forward to most of the games on this list too. I can't wait to see what the hell SMT x FE is gonna be. I assume probably Devil Survivor-y.

X is another one I'm really interested in. I'm desperately hoping it's just going to be Xenoblade 2, but I dunno. There's a lot of things hinting at that being true, but there's also a lot of things hinting at that not being the case. Hopefully we'll find out more about most of these games at or around E3! (FF XV has to be at E3....right? >->)

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@steadyingmeat: Ah, yeah, this is a little outdated now. I'll have to fix that.

I am really curious to see what SMT x FE is like. A Devil Survivor-like game sounds like it would make the most sense, but mixing the Fire Emblem characters into a modern Tokyo setting filled with demons and other occult elements? That's going to be wild. I really hope that they have something to present for E3. And everything I've seen of X just makes me want it more. A bigger, better Xenoblade would be all right with me.

And man, I'm not going to place any bets on FFXV showing at E3. I hope so, though!