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Best of 2009

To make this unique, this is my...  

Top 10 Games of 2009 - Ranked by Hours Played

I think you can tell a lot about a game by the amount of  time you've put into it. 

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  • SP: A great campaign, albeit short - was thoroughly enjoyed by playing on Veteran first time through.

    SO: *Untouched*.

    MP: Many, many days logged already, Prestige Mode has me coming back for more and more.

  • SP: A deep and varied career mode, lots of races to complete, credits to earn and spend. I have spent over 40 hours on the track alone. I have not surpassed 50% of the Career yet.

    MP: Not much time other than racing with friends in Private Matches. A great time to show off cars and setups to friends.

  • SP: Everything you've always wanted a Batman game to be and more. Enriching story, great gameplay elements, beautiful scenery (all those comparisons to BioShock were true), and it's the goddamned BATMAN!

    MP: N/A.

  • SP: Nolan North voicing Dutch, er I mean the Prince of Persia, rather Nathan Drake, I mean Jason Flemming in this great tribute to the games of yesteryear like Metroid and Castlevania. This reinvigorates the style of play for all to enjoy in this well deserved and greatly praised XBLA title.

    PG: Proving Grounds is a great sidebar to a great standalone singleplayer experience. Having limited options to get through these Challenge Levels is amazing.

    MP: N/A

  • SP: A great harken back to the original Diablo (also made by it's original creators) for PC owners. The one town, one dungeon model is glorious. It's dark, but a cartoony World of Warcraft feel. The loot is non-stop, the monsters are relentless, and this is the best hack n' slash RPG you will play until Diablo III (if ever) comes out.

    MP: N/A. But funding for Torchlight will go towards the developers (Runic Games) making an MMO based on this universe.

  • SP: This game is incomplete to me on PC. But I have spent a lot of time with this game and is quite a unique take on the "loot" collecting games. Where this time it's health (if low), ammo, guns, or mods. You can play this many times, current level cap is 50. I hope to spend more time with it, but the atmosphere and the constant stream of new guns always keeps this game fresh.

    MP: There is an Arena option to take your character against another for a gun or something valuable. If not, your choice is Co-Op Online or Local and can have a blast doing so with up to 4 people. I found this game more engaging with the more people you have in your game.

  • SP: Finally a game without the Master Chief, and proves you can just be as badass. The storyline is great, and is filled with Firefly and Battlestar Galactica veterans voicing the characters and to great effect. The mood and atmosphere are pretty much unrivaled in the Halo universe and is fitting.

    MP: This will be broken up three ways...

    Co-Op - Removes the mood and atmosphere, but increases your chances of stopping the Covenant better and faster.

    Firefight - An addicting mode similar to all those other Survival modes, but this sees no end and like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop.

    Halo 3 MP - Same as it was when Halo 3 shipped, now all of the DLC maps, one of the best buys if you don't already own H3 and it's DLC maps.

  • SP: A great physics, side-scrolling puzzle platformer for the PC. It is a gorgeous, engaging story beginning to end. Speaking of the end, quite the different style of play once you start the last level, it is not expected and quite enjoyable.

    MP: N/A. Unless you count the local co-op.

  • SP: You might think the developers are insane, and they just might be. This downloadable title from XBLA is not for the weak or impatient. This game takes a lot of retries, but once you get some of the levels down, the amount of awesome you can perform and beating your friends times are unrivaled.

    MP: Leaderboards built-in to the Single Player Career is a great way to play the game without changing modes. Sharing tracks is great too, but also only among friends.

  • SP: Little story, every button is SPLODE (aka Jump). It's a great platformer that requires reflex timing.

    MP: The entire game played cooperatively with 2 other Splosion Men. I have not yet tried it as I've heard it's had some bugs. But plan to, as the levels are different from the SP.