Android Games I've Finshed & Played

No computer, no consoles, no proplem! Here I'm back playing games on my Android device, and enjoying the touch finger dynamics play, really easy simple, and of course fun time.

List items

  • The art painting really something, it's has high effort, and the gameplay more like simulation as what the activety of king (sultan) is doing, and the characters looking GorGeous. GĞG

  • Onse again playing Bilardo, perhaps I need to found a franchise game Bilardo to stuck with....hmm

  • Played on pc and play it on Android, this game the inventor of tower defence game.

  • The start easy and cool as TRPG, but later the game become more stuck in general a lot, and the only way to advance is to precious potions for real money, or waiting to other days for dealy quest, and this make the play so low in progress, still the game is not half bad.

  • Chess is the first Turn Based game that were before the 7th century.

  • I solved many of these famous Jigsaws art when I was kid, me and my brothers, if my memory is right, one was city with with people wearing jacket in snowy time, other one with firework...etc

  • One of those game that's is fun time always, and I call them simple math games😆

  • Nice pro idea to chose were the point on wight ball hitting!

  • Best billardo game I ever played. GG

    I playe it before had my own PC, and spend a lot of hours on it, we reached the point; how to score 3 balls at onse me and a buddy 😎